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Troy's Coaster Project: The Bat

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Every time I read something by boughontroy, I feel like I loose IQ points... Honestly.

That's evident.


What we're all trying to say is the least you could do is give credit where credit is due. Passing this ride off as 100% your own is 100% dishonest. Tell people what scenery you used, or you're not being fair to the people that spent all that time creating the objects for you to use.



Ah man! I made that stupid mistake again! My bad!!



But all in all Troy, I believe that you have good intentions as an RCT3 player, but I believe that you don't think everything out before posting. Take your time on you work in RCT3, plan out a post, proofread everything, and by doing all that, you'll be all good!

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I'm confused at what you guys are arguing about here... Does this mean I am copying and should be ripped to shreds every time I put a CFR in my park because i didn't make it? How about CTRs or even CS? If he wants to use a CT to make a recreation, then let him. Whether or not I am a fan of NL CTs is another story because i absolutly hate those. They are destroying tons of parks out there. But the fact that this member is being accused of stealing because he used a downloadable CT makes no sense.


The issue is not that he used the Boomerang flat. The issue is that he used the Boomerang flat and claimed it as his own coaster project.


If he would have said something along the lines of, "I took Heverton's Boomerang custom track and made it into the Canada's Wonderland Bat", I would be totally cool with it. When you have a park based around a storyline you obviously can't do that and that's fine. But to just plop someone's custom track down and quickly build an environment around it is like me making my own RCT2 parks with nothing but Steve Franks' tracks and not giving him credit for them.


I do agree with you in that this has been blown way out of proportion.


Does that make sense?

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