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My inspiration for this GCII wooden coaster was California's Great America's 2013 woody that is now under construction. The key wood being inspiration so I'm not saying at all this is what CGA's GCII is going to be in any way shape or form.


Stats: 115 foot drop, 3473 feet in length, 55 mph


Elements: 3 *90 degree turns, station fly though, 5 bunny hops







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Pretty cool, though it's a little off in some areas. Given there's only 3 photos of images to go off of it's hard to get it 100% accurate especially when the coaster doesn't fully exist yet. Since you didn't technically claim this to be an exact recreation, I'll be a little more lenient. As far as what's a bit off, the turnaround by the station is going off the wrong way and some of the overlaps are reversed (track going into "prudential turn" goes under rather than being a bunny hill, appears to be a low-to-ground s-curve). Cool attempt though, I like seeing other people's takes on something based off the 3 2008 images.


Random note: it's pretty bad when you've pretty much memorized the layout of a rendering

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