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Xcelerator CoasterDynamix Model

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Hey all,

I've been dabbling with CoasterDynamix kits since I was a kid, but I never really found a good purpose for them. I was going to sell all of my stuff, but I decided that instead of selling all of my CD stuff I should put it to good use. Inspired by the Griffon model at Busch Gardens and the I305 model (which I saw in person last summer - very awesome work!), I decided that I wanted to build a model that I could sell to one of my local parks (Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm). I started building a model of Green Lantern at SFMM, but it turned out kinda "meh" because Zac Spins aren't really CD friendly. Long story short, I decided on Xcelerator at Knott's. My friend Phil (fpsphil on TPR) and I are huge fans of the park and hope that we'll be able to coax them into buying it from us for Xcelerator's 10th birthday, which is on June 22nd. If they decide that they want it, I plan on taking the model all the way through scenery and hopefully into push-button launch. If not, I'll probably still make the model, but I probably won't go all out, since its way too expensive. Maybe one of you fellow coaster dorks will dish out for it


That being said, if anyone has a good connection to the people at Knott's, please help me out!


Here are some pics of my progress up to now (not in order, sorry). Comments/Criticisms welcomed!







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This is really awesome! I have a load of old Coaster Dynamix stuff that I don’t really use anymore, think i had two Scorpions, two expansions and a Phoenix. I would sell it to you for cheap but I live in England so I have no idea what shipping coasts would be I can’t imagine it being worth it though. But like I said this looks really good, sort of made me want to get my stuff out and see what I can create.


Best of luck with your creation mate, Jake.

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Thanks! Yeah, I think the shipping would be a little much, but I appreciate the thought


You should definitely bust your stuff out and see what you can get done!




In other news, I added the cross support on the tower and took this picture with the disassembled toy Chevy Bel Air that will serve as a facade for the train. I forgot to mention that I have a whole plan to make a pretty accurate rendition of the train. I figure that if we have an accurate train we won't have to worry as much if we can't get the launch mechanism to work consistently since it will look schnazzy as a static model.


I knew I got off at the wrong exit

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Thanks! I know what you mean about the deadline, but given the right incentive, it can be done. If the park actually decides to buy and display the model then my friend and I will move the model to his place in Buena Park and dedicate some serious hours to it. Luckily, there's minimum scenery around the ride, so the main issues lie in the model's mechanics. I'm also starting to think that we may end up with at least a static model by the 22nd, but might have to go back and add the launch at a later date.

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^ If you're interested in buying some CD stuff at a discount, check the forums on their website. I think there are some people selling kits for a decent price.



Quick update: I got a comment on the CD forums that my trackwork doesn't look very smooth. Just wanted to say that the track placement in the first set of pictures is merely just to get the supports set where I want them. I'll be smoothing the track more as the rails get placed. That being said, here's a picture of what the tophat looks like now with the rails on.


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Yeah, I know I'm going to have to ditch it at some point, but I'm just keeping it there to maintain the shape of the hat while I find a way to strengthen it. The track and rails alone won't be strong enough to take the train launching over it. If anyone has any ideas on how to support the tophat, PLEASE let me know. The only idea I've had so far is to heat clear plastic, bend it to shape, and glue it to the bottom of the track.

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Hmmm I like where you're going, but I don't really follow. How would the plastic ties be used?


I was simply thinking you could create the clear plastic support structure to go under the top hat and attach it there with the plastic ties to test the idea. That way you don't have to use glue to see if it works and the ties might be inconspicuous enough to not ruin the aesthetic you are going for.




Instead of heating plastic and bending it to shape (unless you are sure of your skill in that area), try a thin aluminum strip. You can find them at any large hardware store for $3 and they would probably be easier to bend to the shape you want.

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Time for a small update. I got the top rails on the first half of the turnaround and its already looking a ton smoother. Haven't had a chance to experiment with strengthening the tophat yet though.


Also, I don't know why my pictures keep getting flipped sideways, but i can't seem to fix it. Sorry for the neck pain



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Sorry for the triple post, but I have an update. After hours of building supports and tweaking, I have the first turnaround looking pretty good. Also, I've been in contact with the park and although a deal has yet to be made, things are looking up! Here are some pictures (still sideways for some reason ). Comments/criticisms welcome as always





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