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Chinese SLC Guide.

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Hey guys


Over the last couple of days I have been working on a bit of an odd guide about the multitude of different Chinese SLC models that have appeared over the last few years. I have put up a first draft today and wondered if you guys could read it and tell me what you think?



There are 4 companies currently in the Chinese SLC market and hopefully this article distinguishes between them well. In short what I would like to know is does does this article get the point across? and is it easy to read?

I can think of no one better to test this that R&E to be honest.




Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated however small.

Obviously this is a first draft an I understand If I have missed something major.

R&E you guys have ridden a fair number of these. More than anyone else i know, and because of that do you guys think the Chinese versions deserve their poor reputation?




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I believe Chinese companies don't recognize patents already in place by non-Chinese companies? Many of their products are complete knock-offs of other brands, hence why many non-Chinese companies are so seclusive about releasing information to the Chinese market. (i.e. Shanghai Disneyland)

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I like the loop at the beginning !


It might sounds weird but Vekoma is trying to Smoother their old Roller Coasters such as Goudurix etc.. Parc Asterix will test a new system of suspensions where the wheels are . If it works on Goudurix this would workd on any Vekoma !

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