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WIP: Wood Cutter B&M Invert [RCT 3]

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Hey guys,


Well, Marine World is at the end of it's season so I've decided to do a small Side project. It's a Bolliger and Mabillard Invert inspired by Nemesis and Alpengeist. Here are some shots of the ride...


Photo update 1: Introduction to the ride.



The lift hill.


The loop and the massive tree!


A look at the first half of the ride which consists of A Drop (Obviousely...), An immelmann and a downwards helix around the tree.


And here's an overview of the layout.


Note: The ride will be custom supported.


Here's the layout:


-Lift Hill

-180 degree turn

-Twisty Drop


-Downwards helix wrapping around the tree

-Overbanked Turn




-180 degree turn

-Steep hill into the brake run.


Hope you like it! Comments and criticism appreciated!

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seems pretty cool, can't say much yet but it's a good idea



Looks cool, albeit a bit short on the layout.


Nemesis doesn't have the biggest layout out there but it's voted one of the best rolleroaster in the world. The ride is designed for exhilaration purposes and Awesomeness!


Photo update 2: More Trees and stuff...




Some nice pops of colour in the treeline to make it look nice.


My Zedbra looking tree.


Yeah, Trees.


And the updated overview.


Comments and criticism appreciated!

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I would like to see more bushes and shrubs below the coaster. That would give a more natural feeling to it

Yes, I am working on that but most of the land will be rocky and canyony if you know what I mean. As long as I can revive the file!


I accidently deleted the file for woodcutter. Does anyone know how I can revive it??


Anyway, Before I deleted the file I worked on rocks and stuff. Hopefully when I revive the file I can put in some more.


Photo update 3: Rocks and more stuff



Some work around the waterfall.


More rock work.


First drop.




And an overview.




Help on reviving the file would be greatfully appreciated!!!

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I quite like this, I would go for a wooden feel for the station of the ride. I think it will look great custom Supported!


Keep up the good work!


Thanks! I have finished the custom supports and footers. The station for the ride will be made with The popular shyguys Alpine Sets and it will be inspired by the log flumes station at Chessington World of adventures. (But it won't be Chinese)


Photo update 5: Supports complete!


Yeah, Now its time to do the station. A little bit of the station has been done and the queue line is observant.


Lift hill and the second to last inversion.


And an updated Overview showing the works in process.

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