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TR: Tianhe Park and South China Botanical Garden 4/23/11

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On April 23, 2011, I visited Guangzhou in southern China to go to three parks. My first park was Tianhe Park, which is home to four coasters. The Spinning Coaster is like about 20 other rides I have been on. The powered Gliding Dragon is something I have done in many parks in Asia. The Shenzhou Airship is a fun ride and is like the spinning coaster that used to be at the South China Mall in Dongguan. This may even be the same coaster. The Fruit Worm Coaster at Tianhe Park is a fun ride for the family. I walked around and tried to find the non-spinning mouse coaster listed on RCDB. If it was there, it was invisible.


My next park was the South China Botanical Garden. This place has an amusement area with a mouse coaster and a powered dragon coaster. The mouse coaster appears to be an expanded version of other mouse coasters I have ridden in China. It was fun. I took a few photos and went to my final park of the day.


My last park was Guangzhou Children's Park. There is one coaster here called the Fruit Worm Coaster. It is like the one I rode couple of years ago in Beijing at Sun Park. Adults are not allowed to ride the coaster at Guangzhou Children's Park. This is BS and I hope Mr. Norton pays a visit to Guangzhou Children's Park as the result of such a sicko ride policy.


Here is Tianhe Park


I am so sick of these-I have ridden so many Spinning Coasters


Here is Tianhe's Gliding Dragon.


This looks like fun


The Shenzhou Airship is great fun


Here is the Fruit Worm Coaster at Tianhe Park


Here is another look at the Fruit Worm Coaster at Tianhe


Here is Tianhe Park's lake


Here is the carousel


Here is Tianhe Park's ferris wheel


Here is the amusement area at the South China Botanical Garden


Here is the mouse at the South China Botanical Garden


I have been on several coasters similar to this one, but this one seems to be an expanded version of other mouse coasters


Here is another look at the mouse


The South China Botanical Garden has this powered coaster


Here is the carousel at the South China Botanical Garden


They also had this ride at the South China Botanical Garden


Here is the Fruit Worm Coaster at Guangzhou Children's Park


They will not let adults on the coaster at Guangzhou Children's Park. I hope Mr. Norton comes here.

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Nice report, Thanks for sharing.


It is kind of frustrating that the policy from one park to another varies on the same coaster. Just something us coaster enthusiasts have to live with!


Who is Mr. Norton?

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