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Angry Cedar point fan on Youtube


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Youtube Comment :and half of Magic Mountains rides are boring too. Scream is a rip-off of Bizarro, X2 is shit compared to Eijenaka, Goliath is shit compared to Titan, Colossus is shit compared to American Eagle, Ninja is shit compared to Vortex, Batman the Ride.....every other fucking B&M in the world is better. I'm telling you, Magic Mountain is just a bunch of sad rip-off rides in one park. Even if parks do pay for awards with the sad crap SFMM has i dont think they could every pay enough for even one.


User: MynameisTitus13 Comment added: 3 months ago


If you ask me i think he's just a sad and crazy.


More details on the comments, click on the video to direct yourself to this youtube video.

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