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Kyle and Ashleys funpark Grand Adventure[rct3]

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Hello My name is Kyle Silverfall aka the owner of Kyle and Ashley funpark chain. I herd about the newest ride in germany so I decided to fly down there. Yes people your lovely yet sarcastic owner is bloging a trip report!


Ok to start off the week I was trapped at the airport because of a bad storm, dang airlines canceling flights because of stupid storms and stuff heck they wouldn't help me Imma sue you airlines!

But in seriousness My flight was canceled but I got off the ground eventually at midnight and took a flight to *insert airport*. I booked into a nice hotel it has some issues though The water wasn't working and the place kinda smelled funny...Oh well.


In the morning I was picked up by the owner of the eastern division of Kyle and ashley studios as we driven to the park, once we got there I was quite surprised that it came out of freaking no where in the middle of a freaking forest!. Not even the park in maine could pull this off like this park.


The first ride we hit which had a path leading up to it and it was close was the tower of Fear. It was a indoor mirror spring ride I didn't wanted much out of it really.

Then we hit White knight the one ride I wasnted to hit...I snapped a quick photo to.

I gotta say this ride was intense, One of the best steel coasters I've ever ridden the theming the surrounding of the forest made me thing I was riding through a kingdom in the forest....Ok enough of that. Me and my friend hit Blue wind next man that ride is a head banger...then the beauty of flight which had a nice pre show to, heck it showed flight simulator. >.>

Honestly this ride was more boring then a carousel. On top of that I ridden the near by rides far superior, I rather ride the sky swing or the giant wheel then that waste of money The next area we hit was the forest drive then Alucard.


To be honest there where only a few flat rides which where meh and Alucard a mega coaster built two years ago was kinda boring, the pacing was kind slugish, not to mention it broke down on the chain lift for a few moments before we continued on our way

Sadly this park suffers form being to small, I hope they add more in the future, more to come from me soon..


Kyle silverfall. .



Note updates are presented as trip reports form my character enjoy.


Also this park is also on the atari forums

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