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New kiddie coaster for Adventure Island

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From My local newspaper today...


New Rollercoaster is planned for seafront


Southend buisiness man Phillip Miller has revealed plans for a major investment in his seafront theme park. Mr Miller, owner of Adventure Island, Sea life Adventure, the sands bistro and the three shells beach cafe has just signed a contract for a new rollercoaster and also wants to open another resturant.


He said investment in the seafront, including the new £7 million City beach development, would help to encourage more people to take a holiday in the town.


He said: "I am southend born and bred and I love this town. That is why it makes it easy to keep reinvesting in our buisinesses. We are here for the long haul and not to make a fast buck."

He added: "We have to make sure we offer visitors unrivalled value for money and a wealth of experiences to ensure they want to come back to southend again."


Mr Miller said the location and style of his new projects had yet to be finalised.

He praised the city beach scheme, which includes bold new lighting and a landscaped public area with a water fountain, improved access to the beach, new footpaths and cycle facilities.


Mr Miller added the roadworks for the project are "a price worth paying for how fantastic City Beach will be once it is completed in March 2011."


He said:"The council is doing a great job in improving the town for the future."


Adventure Island's Website

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"7 Million pound development"


They're hosting an ACE event?


I went to Adventure Island today to catch up on things. The area wher ethe Little train used to be has been cleared and is ready for the new roller coaster. The train will be relocated behind rage as seen from the park map. Also there is some sort of new addition called 'Time Machine' Which I have no idea about.27032011742.jpg.0597246aa3eb6b1c94a9a9adf26f3ee0.jpg

This is the space between Mighty Mini Mega and the Gold Mine ride where the new Kiddi Koasta will be.


Some advertising for the local Radio...


And they have recoloured the Train ride.


Oh and this was the bill at the Three Shells that was really funny. (The Tax)


Oh and here you go Larry!




and ermm, This was interesting...


And Rage is good as always.


Note: I am going to Chessington World of Adventures in a fortnights time. Any areas that you want me to cover? Just ask!

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I went to ride the roller coaster today and I must say it's an alright ride. Some decent bunny hops and stuff. It's a great addition to the park and I hope they will get more rides soon!


Here is a POV by CoasterForce...


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