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Looking for "essential" RCT2 objects...

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Hey all -


After three hours and five hard resets using an eight-year old disc, I have successfully installed RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 on my boot-camped Mac. Look for a RCT2 contest after the NoLimits one.


Unfortunately, after being absent from the RCT2 world for a few years, I have absolutely no idea what objects to add to my game or where to get them!


SO...I'm asking the RCT2 community - what are sets you have on your games that you would consider "essential"? The kinds of sets I'm referring to are terrain blocks, base blocks, supports, and the like.


Also, if you remember where you got them, it would be very cool to tell me to make my life a little easier - but Googling always works.



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^ That would have everything that you need custom ride wise. Dmaxsba is the epic person that put that together. I believe that that is most of the custom rides that you will need.


I can only say that I got all my scenery from downloading parks and things off of here and NE. Hope this helps.

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Oh yeah, it helps!


The reason why I'm looking for the "essentials" is because of the small size (80GB) of my Windows partition. On my partition, I have Inventor, AutoCAD, 3DSMax, RCT3, RCT2, NoLimits, Newton, and extras installed. I'm thinking of uninstalling AutoCAD because I have it natively on my larger OS X partition to save some room.

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Well, I have around 5,000 dats total, and they take up 200MB.

Now, this is actually a high amount of dats.


The best idea for you is to go over to a site called New Element, and look at different parks in their RCT database




This is the closest thing I found to the workbench that is infamous around the community. These parks have some scenery elements that you want to get a hold of such as B&M supports and Art Deco.

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I think majority of the community uses the H2H5 bench now. It's been reduced to save space and new objects have been added. What's great about this is there is still some room to put your own scenery in.


I don't recommend doing this from the SE. Just put the saved game in your saved game folder. When you want to expand it put it into the Scenario editor without changing anything (all rides you have built will be deleted but nothing else) and save it under a different name and put the changed file in to scenarios the other into saved games.


If you want the clean H2H5 bench without anything built on it. Just PM me and i'll send it to you.

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One of the best bench projects ever made at NE is available HERE (4 posts down). It has everything you need and nothing you don't. There are of course many other GREAT items available for the game and the only way to really get them at this time is to download parks. This however always comes with a down side. That being you also get some really useless stuff and many duplicates of the same thing just with different DAT names.


Use the tools in the RCT/RCT2 download sticky and take your time sorting through the DATs you have and get. Keep what you want and remove the rest. Once you have a your ObjData folder built the way you want it to be make a backup of it and keep it safe. This way you can remove any corrupted ObjData folder full of stuff from parks you just wanted to look at and restore it back to "YOUR" ObjData version any time you want.

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