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SoCalCoaster's NXT Theme Park Projects

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Hello everyone, this is SoCalCoasters and this is going to be one thread you will not want to miss!


Over the past few months, I have been begining to design several large scale NXT projects which involved many hours of experimenting, desiging, and building complex thrill rides. Several projects I am planning:


NXT Drop/Launch Tower: Using only one motor, and one touch sensor, I have designed (and begun to built) a tower ride capable of a Drop Tower Program and a Launch Tower Program! In Building Stage


Indiana Jones and the NXT: This is a HUGE project this involves multiple large sets, and a very advanced NXT motion ride vehicle that will move tracklessly from scene to scene! The vehicle may feature one or two directions of motion depending on the final design. The sets themselves may feature special effects such as falling objects that are triggered by the car. To achive this however, I would need to acquire a second NXT Set, which I currently do not have. In Planning Stage


???Butterfly Coaster??? Yes that's right, Kidtum's favorite coaster type could be built in Mindstorms! I have a few ideas, but nothing is currently set in stone. Blue Sky Stage



Now I will release updates off and on, but if life (school) gets in the way, it may be a while between updates.


For Now, Enjoy this video of my first ever Mindstorms NXT Model, based off the classic Loop-o-Plane!


Enjoy! Updates Soon!

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Thanks for the PM preview, always love getting a jump on the masses.


Very interesting plans you have, look forward to seeing your successes and if you feel like posting them your failures. This NXT stuff looks like a custom builders dream come true. Great starter video but I would suggest you find a nice outdoor location with lots of natural light and background (tress and such). That is if the ride(s) are stable enough to move outdoors. For example sitting this ride on the driveway would give it that fair parking lot look with landscape behind it.

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Unfortunately, the Loop-o-Plane is now in thrill ride heaven (along with all of Magic Mountain's Flat Rides) .


Began construction today, and the "press" were there to check it out...oh no, this will be no ordinary update!


By the way, I am having a......


Drop Tower Name Contest!


That's right, your ride name, and username could be used in my Drop Tower!


All you have to do is create a name for the theme of...


POWER MINERS! Since I posess nearly every set, I decided to make a drop tower based on the Power Miners Lego Collection. (Google it if you haven't heard of it) Anyway, if I chose your name, you get special previews of all my projects, and your username will be present on the ride! Where? I can't tell you!


Want some publicity? This contest is for you!

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This update is done from the view of a mini figure.


Hey guys! I'm new to Theme Park Review, and wanted to post these pictures of the new NXT Drop Tower Media Day!


Yes! That's Me!


There was a huge crowd waiting for the announcement!


There were ever some racing stars at the announcement! They were Brick Speed, and Axel Wheel!


Here's the worker about to dig the first hole!


Remeber, if you win the name the drop tower contest, you will get yur name on the ride somewhere!

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