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Photo TR: Cedar Point, Kings Island, and other oddities


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Okay last Cedar Point update of the year. I promise.


Went to Cedar Point for closing day the other day. This time I went back with two of my best friends. The longest line we waited in all day was about 20 minutes. We did 5 rides on Millennium Force, two on MaxAir, and one apiece on Top Thrill, Maverick, Magnum, Gemini, Blue Streak, Raptor, and Wicked Twister. We also managed to do every single haunted house/maze/scare zone.


It was a good day.


Everyone meet Josh and Phil. They are both assholes. That makes them perfect candidates to be two of my best friends.


Cool ride + Boobs = A ride that is surely to be missed by at least one or two people.


I skipped out on Top Thrill so I could take the opportunity to take a few pictures.


Actually I was just trying to ditch them for the remainder of the day, but unfortunately it was only a fifteen minute wait.


They were showcasing the new Timberliner-ish cars they would be using on Mean Streak next year. Timberliner-ish in the sense that they won't actually debut next year at all.


Unbelievable. Somebody tell that skeleton to tuck in his shirt.


See, my kids are tall enough to cut the grass.


The UR.... umm, I mean the newly renovated Insane Asylum. Possibly improved.


"Yay for me! I'm the only person riding the swings."


Untrimmed Mantis was on my list of rides I haven't given much love to this summer. So say hello to some B&M crotch destroying steel.


Actually I don't think this ride is near as bad as some say. Maybe that's because I've been married and lost my balls in my divorce.


Because nothing says roller coaster like a three inch bug.


If they ever take this out I promise to start both a .org and .com website.


Why? Because..... umm.... because it looks pretty in the fall.


Yeah right. Like any self respecting alien with a flying saucer is actually gonna be seen eating at a Coasters restaurant.


This is where they train people to drive in the state of California.


"Yay lets drive for four hours to go to Cedar Point just so we can drive some more!"


"I'm so glad this kid's almost done with TR's for the year. I was tired of them six months ago."


Because there isn't much thats more terrifying than a spider wearing a bow tie.


Raptor is my favorite green coaster at Cedar Point. Yes I love it that much.


"Do not touch the monsters and they will not touch you. Do not touch the antiques and they will not touch you."


Like a badly done Guns And Roses display.


If you didn't like Happy Jack's Toy Factory than they piss on you at the end of it. If you liked Happy Jack's Toy Factory than they piss on you at the end of it.


I love that MaxAir is located 500 feet from the all you can eat buffet. For some reason I always do them back to back. I haven't puked YET.


Usually unable to remember where I parked my car, this time I just parked it up by Club Blood.


"Hey quit taking pictures of stupid stuff nobody will care about and take some more of me."


No mask needed.


I'm stepping out of my box with these last three pictures a little bit.


I'm trying with color manipulation at the request of a friend.


This concludes my rookie season of Trip Reports. It seems like forever since I started my first ever back in April.

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