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Custom NoLimits Stations

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Want a custom station building, but no good at 3Ds? Give me a shout!


I've suddenly realised I'm better at building stations than the coasters themselves, so if you would like one making for you please PM me with your track and the following details:


1. Number of blocks within the station? (Such as load/unload points, station segment and brake segment, etc)

2. Single or dual level?

3. Queue included?

4. Any specific colours?


- And any other details which you feel are appropriate.


Here are some examples of stations I have made recently for different coasters. Let me know what you think!


Wooden coaster station


Inside view


Small steel coaster station, with multiple blocks


Mine train station, with station drop-off tunnel and entrance/exit fencing


Wooden coaster maintence/evacuation bay

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I really really love that first station. Were these done using only No Limits support work? If so, that is quite impressive; I've tried doing it before and it's challenging to say the least. I've never been a huge fan of using 3Ds in No Limits, as I usually try to make everything with supports only. I have a woodie I've been working on for a while that would look incredible with something like that.

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I really really love that first station. Were these done using only No Limits support work?


Yep, they're all done using wooden beams and the catwalks found on the WoodMagic auto-support structures.


I'm pleased that you like the first one, I'm jolly proud of it

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How were you able to create the large "panels" of wood? Did you use individual beams, or did you use catwalks?


I create a long straight bit of track and make tons and TONS of catwalks from that, and use those for the faces of the building.


Then I cover over the edges with wooden beams because in the simulator you can see a gap where the "seam" is.


At the moment I'm working on a new station with an entrance foyer and queue lines contained below the coaster station, and it is proving extremely challenging...

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Here's where I need you!


I'm hoping that you can make me a station similar to Station 1 in your pictures for my Il Pitone coaster. I'm wanting that wooden style (because the coaster's name is "The Python" in Italian), but the coaster is an Intamin Looping Coaster, so it'll possibly require a different groove for the track to fit in. I would like for it to be in rustic wooden colors (grayish brown, not dark/wet brown). I sent you the file through a PM in case you want to carry this out.


If you do this, I'd really appreciate it!




EDIT: If you could include the queue and everything, that'd be super! Especially if you interacted it with the ride somehow.

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Okay, I have a real challenge for you here! I need a modern looking dual load/unload station with a perpendicular flythrough for my X-Car "Infineon." I'm willing to leave most of the creative control to you, but I do need it to look modern and stylish, and I need the colors not to clash with the ride's current color scheme, and I also need the station roof to create a headchopper for the train coming through the flythrough, without impeding its visibility to those in the station. Here are some pictures to assist you:


The station needs to extend to both of the two yellow lines. [EDIT: Actually, make it extend to the end of the brake run before the unload station, I think a tunnel under the station would be kinda cool now that I think about it!] This includes going around the curve between the loading and unloading stations. (Unload station starts at the origin.) I would like a queue that starts and an exit ramp that lets out somewhere around where the two green lines begin under the brake run, for I (note: me, I'm not trying to kill you!) would like to create a ride plaza between the station and the loop, with the main entrance being under the loop.


Here is a picture of the flythrough going over the loading station. The simple station is just there for scale, I'd like it removed for the final product.



I know this is a pretty big station to work on, and do not by any means feel rushed to complete it! There is still a lot of work I have to do on it, (Oh, I don't know... supports?) but I'm fed up with trying to 3Ds the damn station! If you are interested in tackling this project or have any questions, go ahead and shoot me a PM and we can get this thing going!

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