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Photo TR: USH HHN Opening Night

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Another fine Southern California evening.

And look! Some playful spooks are getting ready before the show.


Out front, a Freddy statue greets us.


Wait a minute...

Look out random stranger! That's no statue!


Whoa... that's no statue either...

Freddy girls are gonna getcha!

Okay, fine, I won't bore you with Freddy girls any longer. Sheesh.


So much fog, it leaks into a nearby shop.


How bout some chainsaw folk?

If only I could capture the sheer chaos that goes on here. It's really just loud and insane walking through.

Actually, I can convey the chaos to you...


After, like, an hour of waiting, George and Elly show up...

Oh, Elly, what's that awesome shirt you're wearing? SHAMELESS PLUG


This is one of the coolest things every year.


Okay, let's get to some houses....


George is scared. And he should be.

George is so scared, he delays the inevitable by buying a 13 dollar Churro.

And here, you can clearly see, the Churro is also fearing for it's life.


Nightmare was a really cool house. In my opinion, you can't really go wrong with Freddy.


Back on the streets.


Time for the Terror Tram.

Oh man, what luck. A full moon hangs over the back lot.

They act like nothings going on but I know, deep down inside, they are terrified.

Yeah. That's what I THOUGHT!

So we're let off to roam the backlot. And of course, we run into some brutal chainsaw folk!

Oh god! They're everywhere!


THIS is the coolest part of all Horror Nights.

Being able to walk around the Universal back lot, getting to TOUCH the historic "Psycho" set.

Psycho is one of my all time favorite movies, so I totally geek out every year.

This year, they had characters based off of an urban legend, "La Llorona". It was confusing, having never heard of it, but it certainly didn't stop it from being creepy. Especially this gal. She would stand there crying, and you'd barely hear it at first, then she'd jump at you.


Also awesome, walking around the War of the Worlds plane crash.

Oh my GOD! They killed Carrot Top!


We then hijacked a tram and drove it all the way over to...

The best theme park show ever.

I love Bill and Ted, and it makes me very happy that they keep these characters alive year after year. Hilarious show, too.


We went to the lower lot to eat some pizza.

And I managed to be in only this picture the entire night.

Not a good picture, but I love how foggy it is. You really can't see down there.

George scoffs at Elly's immaturity.

Kind of creepy. Like the escalator to nowhere.


Lines started growing upwards of one hour, so we wandered around the park.

Chainsaw duder.


Somewhere down there, people are screaming.


Terror Tram was only 20 minutes, so we did that again. Norman Bates... I mean MRS. Bates jumped in a picture for us.

And somehow, we ended up being the only ones out on the trail. I think we lost the crowd while taking that picture.


The night was winding down and we were getting incredibly tired. Horror nights takes a lot out of a person.

Some people get so tired, they start to become transparent.

Man, so cool.

It was a crowded night and we didn't get to do everything, but we did do was amazing. I'll have to come back again before the event is over.


But until then...


When witches go riding, and black cats are seen

the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.

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