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The first thing I noticed as that, they have tvs at the top of the line where the station is. It shows riders a preview of what they will see in the ride. If you ask me, I think it spoils the element of surprise.


The tvs are there for liability and safety reasons. ...Which I'm sure you already know.


Another thing I noticed as that they send the trains in the station too quickly after one another. What that does is spoil the scene before you get there, because you are not on a big enough gap between the train in front of you.


The trains are sent out like that during the peak times of the year to keep the capacity high. During the off season only one side of the platform is used, so there should never be a problem. Still, I don't think it's a major problem with the two stations. The only time I notice anything is at the end of the ride during the Brendan and cup of coffee spiel. ...And that's only if they are slow to unload.


Also, the mummie's mouth does not move when he pops out the coffin.


At least he's popping out of the coffin. That AA has definitely had it share of problems over the years, so anytime he makes an appearance, that's a good thing.


Last but not least, the launch into the arena is not all that quick anymore. It seemed a bit laggy when I was there.


It definitely has its ups and downs, but overall it's still a great ride in my opinion. Maybe not a top 10 coaster in most people eyes, but it still delivers a heck of a thrill. I can tell you having been on it a good 50 times, I still enjoy it a lot.



It's still the best Mummy ride in the US after all.

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I am big chicken of the unknown, so I definitely understand all your concern. I searched and scoured TPR for answers prior to my first coaster. That ended up being Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster. (My argument was, hey, it's Disney, how bad could it be?) Sadly, that was my only coaster that I rode in Florida that year, and I shouldn't have chickened out of the rest. After riding everything on my next trip out to Orlando, I realized there was nothing to worry about. Go search some POV's and check the coasters out! Batman is intense in our home park though. I have to say, I almost feel it gets faster as time goes on. I love that ride as much as it seems to bump everyone around. I am the only one that comes off that ride without a headache in my group. I go with the turns though, and don't allow my head to get knocked about. Do you keep your eyes open? How about breathing? That can have an effect on your reaction to the coaster.


As for the Orlando coasters, the only one I have yet to ride is HRRR, because it's opening was delayed when I went last year. In my opinion - each and every single Orlando coaster is worth riding. EVERY SINGLE ONE. B&M's (so I hear) are pretty smooth, and you really have nothing to worry about. None of them to me come close to the intensity of Batman. Maybe b/c Batman is so compact?? Hulk isn't rough. Somewhat of a rattle I guess...but it is not anything that is painful or that should stop you from riding. DC fka DD, never seemed harsh to me. Kraken is just awesome. The best way to describe it is that instead of a falling feeling, I almost feel like it is being pulled or pushed through... I got the same feeling when I rode Kumba & Montu at Busch Gardens. Maybe because they are taller than I am used to? Manta...just awesome. Very smooth. It is like S:UF, especially being the pretzel loop is in the same position, just don't ride in the back. Ride in the front b/c I have heard grey out reports in the back, although I have only ridden in the back, and I did not have that happen. All in all, they are all fun rides. Bottom line, just do it. If you go on Nitro, El Toro, and KK, none of the Orlando coasters should give you a problem! Mummy is great... smooth!! None of the rides hurt!


And again, don't forget to report back, b/c I want to hear about your ride experience!

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I was curious about the coasters at Universal, too. I've always been afraid of roller coasters, but my husband, sister, and sister-in-law finally convinced me to go on the Raptor at Cedar Point and I liked it! It was a big fear-conquering moment for me. I even bought the rip-off photo to prove to my parents that I rode it, since the last time I tried to ride it was on a family trip years ago, and I chickened out at the top of the line in tears.


Before that, I had only been on the baby coasters at Cedar Point (Iron Dragon, Disaster Transport) and Expedition Everest at Disney. After riding the Raptor, I'm still not a fan of steep drops (I don't like that stomach-drop feeling), but I was very surprised to learn that I like inversions!


I've done a bit of research about the coasters at Universal, and I feel like since I liked the Raptor, I will probably enjoy Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge.The Dragons seem very similar to the Raptor, but I couldn't really get a good idea of the relative intensity from other threads.


EDIT: sorry, didn't realize this thread was so old!! I think since I am going to Universal in June, I thought it was June NOW and missed the 2010 bit...

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