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[NL] Viking Berserker

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Hi all!

I've played RCT for as long as I can remember, so NL is very new to me. I bought the game just 2 weeks ago.


I've been pleasantly surprised: It was a bit easier than I thought, but I guess the really hard thing is to make that coaster which could be classified as "fantastic". Because I think making a semi-decent thing is (actually) quite easy.


So that is what this is. Viking Berserker is a high-thrill woodie, focusing mainly on airtime and a few quick transitions. It also has a 20 mph lifthill (supposed to be a cable lift), and features the first overbank on any wooden coaster.


I just used the standard auto-support program included. And I'm way too new to NL to use any add-on, so the track is completely handmade, and that will probably show.

Please (try to) enjoy my pumpy, painful track.


Viking Berserker (Sponsored by Advil)

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I am not a No Limits expert at all but I will look at it.



EDIT: I downloaded it, viewed it in the simulator.

I haven't had NoLimits for that long either so I am not really qualified to say much but if you are going for realism the lift hill goes to fast. Other than that I think it is pretty good. The drops seem a little steep, but cool.

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Technical-All in all, this wasn't that bad for being a first(ish) coaster! I thought you did a pretty good job with the making the ride fun pacing wise as well as a nice selection of air time hills! With time, I think you will learn that a "real" coaster is built using more parabolic hills versus what you currently have. Something I noticed with this coaster, is you seemed to build it in order to achieve this angle of decent/banking or whatever. One of my suggestions will be to build the coasters based on realistic forces as opposed to just building to have "the worlds first overbanked on a wood coaster". Like I said, this is a great start though.


Adrenaline-You did a great job of making a coaster that would take my breathe away! The drops were extreme and it was full of airtime. I like how you had an El Toro feel in the airtime section followed by a twister-esque section. Keep up the good work, this coaster was a lot of fun.


Originality-You had plenty of "firsts" on this coaster. I thought this added to the overall quality of the ride. However, I would have liked to see the track be built more to forces rather than just getting built.


Keep up the good work. I look forward to more quality rides from you in the future.

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