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Terra Mitica Trip Report

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I have recently got back from Spain and have decided to post a trip report on the fantastic Terra Mitica.


The whole place looks stunning and every building is themed superbly, and when you enter it really does feel like you've entered another world.


I don't understand how a park struggling for attendance can be themed and maintained so well, and yet a park like Thorpe Park, over-attended, has no theming in comparison and is poorly maintained.


I was there from about 4.30PM till 10 and got on quite a bit, even with company I was with who find that they need to walk incredibly slowly and it takes them 10 minutes to get up after sitting down , oh well!


It was an extremely hot day, 38/39 degrees celsius I think.


Anyway on to the rides, some places are known as Vekoma land, or Zamperla Land, Terra Mitica is... Intamin Land


Intamin Drop Tower

Intamin Observation Tower

Intamin/Mack Log flume initially I assumed it was a Mack, but the boats seated 6 so I thought it could be possible it was another Intamin )


Intamin Super Splash

Intamin Wooden Roller Coaster Trains

Intamin Zacspin/ ball coaster

Intamin Rapids


That's the majority of them so you probably get the idea.


Even walking in to ques at 4.30, everything was a walk on/ 1 boat wait/ 1 cycle wait , which was brilliant for us, but not for the park and is probably behind why it's struggling financially.


I can't remember the order I went on the rides so I'm just going to go through the main ones


Falls of the Nile


This is the Mack/Intamin Log Flume and is without doubt, apart from the ones in the States, the best Log Flume I've been on.

It's very unique and starts off with the biggest drop, which I think I read somewhere is 25 meters, about the 3rd/4th time on this the ride came to a stop and the boat I was in was hanging over the edge, you could just about see the edge of the drop and we were sat there for about 15 minutes looking out over Benidorm.


Then after a lovely little meander passing through, in tune with the rest of the park, excellant theming, then up a large lift and, the trough dissapears, you come to an abrupt stop, turn , and then are shoved down a drop about half the size of the first, very fun and catches first time riders out.


Triton's Fury


This is the Intamin Super Splash , and is once again, except for the ones in the states, the best of it's type and put's Tidal Wave to shame. I will only go on Tidal Wave if it's hot and has a short que, and as we all know, that doesn't happen very often, But this even if it was quite chilly I would choose to ride. You start off casually floating through caves, atmospheric music and statues, you then climb a bumpy lift and go down the first drop which gives you a refreshing misting. you then turn around and are facing, the 2nd drop, probably with a boat plunging down it. This drop, although smaller than Tidal Wave's, slightly, is so much better for a number of reasons. Your already going at a fair speed when you go over it giving a fun pop of air and then the track plunges away and this drop is seriously steep for a water ride, you do float out your seat slightly and then get drenched, not as much as Tidal Wave but what I would say is the right amount, enough to cool you down, not enough to drown you.




A Mondial big swing thing, similar to Vortex but with seats on the outside. Gives pretty awesome airtime and rations it out rather than some people getting the ride of their lives and some getting a pretty rubbish ride. I personally much prefer it to Vortex.


Minotaur's Labyrinth


A shoot em up ride, and guess what... It's, apart from in the States, the best of it's kind. I think this ride lasted about 15 minutes? Well that's what it felt like, and I'm a sucker for a long ride, part of why I know prefer CHessington to Thorpe. The theming was sensational on this, some of the best I've ever seen and like mentioned earlier, for a park struggling financially, so so so much was moving, there were too many animatronics to see.


Also this ride has 2 endings, the one I got I think was the common one you get if your score isn't high enough.


Magnus Colossus


Last time I rode this I remember being beaten to mush, this time I was pleasantly surprised, I remembered it being rough, but this time it was just incredibly bumpy and I was even able to re-ride! Great airtime on the first drop, but the rest is just fun for reasons I don't even know.




I'll start with a bit of a story on this one.


In the future developments for Thorpe threads, the Intamin Ball coaster/Zacspin has been suggested and I've always thought, what, why would anyone want one of them , they look slow, boring, short and have a terrible throughput. How wrong I was.


This is probably the most insane coaster I've ever ridden, and queing for it the first time actually made me scared, which I don't think any other ride has made me feel that way, but this ride suits Terra Mitica in the way Nemesis suits Alton Towers.


You pull down a very tight restraint, similar to Stealth\'s but the bit over your shoulders is like a fabric and is tight on your shoulders and at first you think, why's it so tight, only do you realise without it your limbs would end up pretty much a liquid.


If your "ball" isn't balanced then on the lift you will either be facing the sky, or the ground. You reach the top and travel slowly until you just plummet underneath yourself and depending on which way your facing, you either get ejector airtime or ejector airtime into a seat which is a weird experience. you then steady and then again depending which side your facing, are falling away from the sky or crashing the towards the ground until your ripped skywards for the most insane element you'll ever experience, it's not got a name, its just the end bit where you are thrown upwards into a tight crest where you flip upside down.


One of my favourite coasters ever, and I would love to experience the new one somewhere in Europe which is like 2 of these on top of each other.


Rapids of Argos


This was, again , except the ones in America, the best Rapids I've been on , the whole way round it was speedy bumpy and it was so long like most of the rides there, unlike Congo River Rapids and Rumba Rapids, there weren't any dead bits and the theming was brilliant again!


I think I've gone on for too long now, especially about a park the majority of people have probably never even heard of.


Other awesome rides include another Mondial masterpiece, the same as the Energizer/Boneshaker at Alton Towers.


Hope you enjoyed




The entrance



The view when you walk in



A look towards the mountain Magnus Colossus is built on



A look towards the entrance area taken on the way to Falls of the Nile



The first drop of Falls of the Nile, the drop looks smaller than it is in this picture, or maybe it's because usually your looking at it from the other side and the entrance area is built alot lower so possibly that makes it look bigger .



Synkope in full swing



The entrance to Magnus Colossus, with Intamin Trains, in the background Inferno an Intamin Zacspin coaster , and also in the background Flight of the Phoenix an Intamin drop tower



The "kiddie Coaster" Alucinakis



Le colera de Akiles, the Mondial contraption




The Intamin supersplash, Triton's Fury, this is the First drop, you can't see the excellant theming from these pictures as most is behind the caves



The "big" drop, In my opinion , slightly better than Tidal Wave's






and again



And finally a rubbish picture of it in the dark



Terra Mitica really did come alive at night

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Top Posters In This Topic

Great trip report! We visited Terra Mitica on a weekday in early June and the park was pretty much as you described which is virtually empty. As a matter of fact, we had to wait a good amount of time for Inferno - not because of the queue but because we needed two other people to show up!! Although we enjoyed the low crowds, it is hard to imagine if this place will make it. The theming here is absolutely incredible, and Terra Mitica was our favorite park in Spain (we visited Port Aventura, Parque de Attraciones Madrid, Isla Magica, Tivoli World and Tibidabo).


Was the SLC still down for your visit to the park? It was completely roped off when we were there. Also, one of the major water/dark rides was closed but the name escapes me.... we were pretty disappointed about that. The Labryinth of the Minotaur is an incredible dark ride and the best example of an interactive darkride out there. We just couldn't get enough of that. When I first heard it was "interactive", I was disappointed but blown away after riding it.


By the way, it was hot as hell when we were there - it must always be like that in Benidorm during the summer? The park doesn't have much shade which is the only thing - there were a few times when I thought I might just burst into flames!

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Yes Titanide ( the SLC) was still down and from what I know everything else was working


I would have liked to have ridden Titanide as the last time I rode it, it was Tizona and located across the park. Sounds like something serious though, as someone else I know went a few weeks ago and it was down then aswell, anyone got any idea whats wrong with it?


And I agree about there not being loads of shade, although there were quite a few mist stations.


Again I agree about The Labyrinth of the Minotaur, I don't think the scores/guns were working on our car when we went round but it made no differance, you spend the whole ride concentrating on the theming anyway.


I was with 4 other people, all who usually get high scores on shoot em' up rides so I was hoping for the special ending, but oh well , the other way is still stunning


Inferno also had the longest que when we went, but still only 2/3 trains wait. By the way , do they always send around one train continuosly empty, if so why?

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Well, driving into the car parks I thought, to my horror, it was going to be busy as quite a few car parks looked full, however when inside, whether everyone is in the restaurants or something, or just everyone is dispersed incredibly well the ques were tiny. Headed straight for Falls of the Nile ( Log flume) and after a 2 boat wait was on, this was on a day when the temperature was nearly 40 degrees celsius, then after that ride, coming into the station, it was now walk on.


Ques were incredibly short even with most rides running on low capacity.


Everything was 5 minutes- walk on


Rides run at low capacity were:


Magnus Colossus, 1 train op

Inferno, Only 2 cars being used

Flight of the Phoenix, from what I remember 2 cars were kept at the top of the tower all the time I was there

Triton's fury, only 1 boat was being loaded at a time rather than the possible 2

Falls of the Nile, when going up the 2nd lift to the backwards drop, you can see where they keep the boats not in operation and I would say about half the boats were out of operation.


Most likely a few others I can't remember.


Like you said it still looks great which surprised me, just how well maintained it was ( absolutely impeccably) , for a park in financial trouble. ( think I may have mentioned that earlier )

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El Rescate de Ulises is the boat ride that was closed during our visit. We were sad to have missed this as it looked like a fun/quirky ride. I wonder if this is permanently closed? I believe there are a few images of this ride in the photos of TPR's trip to this park.

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Ah that one, Luckily, no it's not permanently closed, it was open when I went, it's an indoor Rapids type ride but without the rapids. As everything else, absolutely stunningly themed, absolutely mind-blowing I would probably say it's some of the best in the park. Although from a ride perspective it's not incredibly exciting, just a nice relaxing boat ride through lots of different scenes.

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I remember feeling that after I rode it for the first time a few years ago.


This time though it wasn't nearly as bad, would be incredibly improved if it was re-tracked though, although hasn't it already been re-tracked once?


May I ask when was it you rode it?


Oh also, I noticed that it gets rougher/bumpier as the day goes on as the ride warms up.

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Koolkid, if you went to Terra Mítica on weekend it's totally normal to find no crowds in the park. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thrusdays are normally the crowdy days.


The closed water ride was El Rescate de Ulises (Ulysses's Rescue), but it was opened on August 1st. Titánide is opened too, on August 8th was its first trip. I filmed a video from crew's paths:



Terra Mítica has a new director. Thanks to him these two rides are opened now. He wants to re-open the Iberia (Spanish) zone. He doesn't understand why the last director (John Fitzgerald) wanted to close this well-themed area. So Juan José de Torres wants to colocate again in the zone the family coaster Tren Bravo (Brave Train). He also doesn't understand why that coaster is in crew's car-park. He's completely decided to make about Terra Mítica a great theme park.


Next year Terra Mítica will be 10 years old. New director thinks there're a lot of space between the big rides, so he wants to fill it with new attractions. But if he wants to re-open Iberia zone, were Titánide (Tizona) was there is a huge space to be filled with something giant. So I suppose Terra Mítica's next big ride will be there.


Sorry about my English.

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Magnus Colosucks is possibly the worst ride I have ever ridden. I was in pain all the way around and for a good 15 minutes afterwards!


Aside from that I thought the park was lovely


I don't remember it being that rough, just real slow and boring. All the other woodies in Spain were pretty rough, especially if you got a wheel seat.

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