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Branson Lake [RCT 2]

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This is a new park I've started... sorta an update of Kings Lake. The park map is very similar, and the entrance/main street is also of the same mold. Basically, I took Kings Lake's entrance, main street, and Mammoth coaster and re-did them. Only this time, I'm taking my first ever crack at custom supports and the use of trainers.


Vista is a pain in the butt.


A small restaurant and The Candy Shop along Main Street.


The other side of Main Street. On the left side of the screen is the Main Street Cafe.


Wild Ride... the park's first attraction.


In the next update, I'll unveil the first of two coasters currently operating at Branson Lake...


The logo!


Cresting one of the massive hills on the B&M hyper named Carnivore


Splash down finale in the pond!

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Looks pretty good so far!

Are you only using RCT2 scenery? Because those buildings are pretty nice!


The awnings on the buildings are custom scenery, as well as the glass corner-roof pieces. Otherwise, I believe its all in-game scenery. I have a few pieces of CS (mostly corner-roof pieces) but for the most part, this scenario is being played with in-game scenery and custom-supports.


And thanks for the kind words!


And now for a detailed look at Carnivore, Branson Lake's B&M Hyper.




The rides entrance and queue area. Its never full because of the rides awesome capacity.



The station building for Carnivore. Since the ride is located in the heavily wooded "Wilderness" section of the park, and is themed to the legend of a half-man/half-bear creature that roams the forests... the station is done in wood with a pioneer (or even a bit of a western) feel to it.



One of several monstrous hills on Carnivore that rise (and plummit) well over 100 feet!



Roaring through the hammerhead turnaround. You can see just a bit of Branson Lake in the upper corner of the picture.



Rising up through the intense 360 degree helix. This thing is forceful. Also, you can see that very little of the grass has grown back under the ride. Bit of a mud pit right now.



The fantastic splashdown finale. The park wanted the splashdown to look like an actual pond. Before tearing through the water, the coaster goes through an 'S' shaped hill and drop that pulls some nice Gs.



The overall layout of Carnivore (minus splashdown and station). You can just make out the 'S' turn/drop in the bottom right corner.



This coaster marked my very first attempt at using custom supports. Took me forever. Supporting a coaster is time-consuming (especially when you're a beginner).


Comments welcomed and appreciated!

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Carnivore looks really great, and the supports are really great as well! One thing you could do to make them a bit more realistic (and it shouldn't take *too* long, haha) is add a cross-bar to the taller supports. The easiest way to do this is to take one of the horizontal supports and raise it until it hits the diagonal support you've already got, then just follow it back to the vertical support and put one of those nifty connectors where it needs to go. That'll make those 100-plus-foot pieces of track look a bit more supported, know what I mean?


Keep up the great work!

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That actually looks pretty good! Nice job with Carnivore, though imo b&m hypers are becoming a dime a dozen around here. The only thing that i think you should seriously work on is your landscaping and foliage; it's just sparse and repetitive.

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