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Hello. I'm Chris and I usually don't post TRs, because I don't have time, but I think I'm going to try to document all my trips this year. That being said, that won't be hard, because I only have 3 trips planed this year, which is relatively lame compared to some other folks on here, but oh well.


The first installment will be even more lame. Not only will it only consist of 4 pictures and many words, but it is 2.5 months old!


Anyway, my first park experience of the year was Six Flags Great Adventure's opening day. I went to Great Adventure twice last year, and had a great time both visits. This visit displayed how bad Great Adventure could run and still be pretty good. At one point, only 4 of SFGAd's 13 coasters were operating. A lot of it was due to "cold" 55 degree temperatures and high winds. Oh well, I was still pretty mad at the park. Here were a list of the rides that were closed at some point and how long they were closed to the best of my knowledge:


El Toro (opened around 2)

Nitro (all day)

Kingda Ka (all day)

Medusa (all day)

Rolling Thunder (one side till 1, other side all day)

Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train (All Day)

Superman Ultimate Flight (until 4)

Dark Night (until 2)


Anyway, probably the thing that upset me the most was an employee greeting us at the entrance and explaining the "running of the bulls" was no longer aloud at Six Flags. He said he would "lead us" in a leisurely walk to El Toro and Kingda Ka (where most people wanted to go). Well, he led us there, only to find both rides closed!!!! Then an employee in front of El Toro advised us to go ride the Mine Train. Seriously, couldn't the security dude just tell us the rides were closed, so we wouldn't have to walk SO far in the HUGE park!?


Almost forgot, here are the 4 pictures I have for this update. My camera ran out of batteries right when we pulled into Six Flags. I think most of you have seen pics of Great Adventure anyway!



I love New Jersey gas prices.


Anyway, I still think SFGAd is one of the best parks on the East Coast. I think the visit was sub-par, but it was cold and windy, so what can you do?


El Toro was not running as good as it did last year, but what do you expect when it's been sitting there all off-season, and suffering through a very cold and windy day? It is still my number 3 coaster and the first drop absolutely demolishes any other first drop I've experienced!


On a side note, it was really fun to meet up with some friends from last year's TPR trip named Matt, Matt, and Matt. Also got to see Big Mike and Nay, and ran into Cyclone Man Dainan towards the end of the day. I also met the "GCI guys" for the first time. They seemed like extremely nice and cool guys and clearly have some of the greatest coaster minds ever! Too bad for Pennsylvania Matt, as he only got about half of the Great Adventure credits. Had it been my first time in the park, I would be extremely pissed! I'm willing to go again, but as long as someone else supplies the car next time for the 6 hour drive LOL!


Next up will be an even-more-dissapointing-day-coaster-wise, yet fun day at the Jersey Shore.



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They haven't allowed the running of the bulls since last summer. On a Friday night Frightfest last October they were stopping everyone from running, I was walking at a fast pace but not running and the guard told me to slow down.


I remember reading TR after TR about how bad opening day was this year, I was upset at missing opening day at first but seeing so much closed made me glad I didn't go. I went on Sunday of opening weekend and it was much better. All coasters except Nitro were open and everything was a walk on.

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