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Help Finding Info on Defunct Wiliamsburg park!!!!

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Hello all,


In ethics class today, my Ethics teacher was talking about a segregated amusement park in Williamsburg located on Colonial Parkway, which served blacks only.


It had a Ferris Wheel, Wave Swinger, one of those swinging gym rides, and a few other amusements. According to my teacher and an older student, the park closed a long time ago as a result of integration and was left to rot for apparently years before it was demolished.


It is located on Colonial Parkway across from the large farm (if you've traveled down the Parkway toward Jamestown Settlement, you'll know what I'm talking about) I believe a small park and parking lot sits on where the park once stood.


He claimed it was operating around the 1950's but I'm not sure of the exact date. Any longtime Williamsburg residents or amusement park history buffs have any info?

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Hmm--I recall that there used to be a drive-in movie theatre on the parkway somewhere in the area you describe (but I think all traces of it are gone now). Hadn't heard about any segregated amusement park, though.


I wonder if someone in the history department at the College of William & Mary can help you.

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I wonder if someone in the history department at the College of William & Mary can help you.


That would be ones best bet.


On a similar note..does anyone in the Hampton Roads area remember Jungle Falls in Virginia Beach. Today the place is known as Ocean Breeze Waterpark but back in 1984 I remember them being Jungle Falls and it was actually an amusement park with a small water park for the kids.

The place had lots of flat rides but alas no coaster.


However I do remember at the time watching someone from Jungle Falls on WAVY-TV 10 ( back in their "Daily News" days ) saying how there are big plans in store for Jungle Falls such as adding two coasters and a bunch of other rides including a giant ferris wheel that will give people a great view of the ocean and one of the largest kiddielands on the east coast.


That was in 1984...in 1985 when we visited Virginia Beach we were told the place was shut down ( we didn't bother checking out the remains ). Then a few years later what was Jungle Falls became a waterpark.


I wonder what happened that made them change direction? Virginia Beach politics perhaps?

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^ Interesting. Do you have any other info about it like pics and stuff?


^^ He told me of an old drive-in movie theater near James Blair Middle School (then High School), but not on the parkway. Hmmm.


I talked to him a second time last night and he told me the park may have closed sometime before the 350th Anniversary of the Jamestown Landing and the remains may have been removed shortly after.


He said that he would meet up with some people he knows and they may provide information, but if anybody here has any pics, articles, stories about this park, I would appreciate it if you could post it.

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