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Trip Report: Mt. Olympus/Avalanche

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I was just at Mt. Olympus and Timber Falls the 10th and 11th of August.


Mt. Olympus:


I felt Hades has become quite rough since I last rode in 2005. It is still my #3 favorite wood for sure, but wow. It also seemed faster to me, but that could be just the 3 years since I was on it. I don't know if you noticed this when you were there, but the lift chain was smoking each of the 5 times I rode it. Odd. It really is a terrific coaster, and I hope it continues to be for years to come. Too bad it only has 1 train.


I felt Zeus was WAY better than I remembered, and provided immense amounts of air. Last time I rode it, however, it was in the forest, but with park expansion, most of it now runs along the parking lot. It actually reminds me a bit of the Raven in how it turns around, and the length and airtime of the ride. I did learn my lesson. I rode in the 2nd to last car alone, and when you ride in a car without much weight, you get really thrown around badly.


Cyclops was fun, and reminds me of cornball, complete with Buzz Bars! Pegasus was fun too, but still doesn't do much for me.


Despite the popular belief that Opa did not spin much, I got my car to spin more than the other 3 spinning mice I have ridden. I, being the larger rider, sat outside right, and had my passenger ride inside left, and we spun plastered in our seats all the way to the brakes!


Go Karts were fun, we did Helios and Hermes Turbo, both of which provided fun layouts.


I liked Mt. Olympus a lot. The wooden coaster collection looks so amazing from the water park, especially being on a hill. But for the amount of rides they have, everything is so spread out. I think with the addition of a water park element between Triton and Poseidon's Rage, the water park's newer elements will feel more included in the old Family Land Park. In both wave pools they did not allow people beyond a rope which blocked most of the pools. I understand the reason for this on the surf pool, as there is a strong undertow, but why on the smaller pool, which used to always allow swimmers out in the deep? The River Troy was fast, but was entirely theme-less! Another oddity was the lack of locker rooms. They had restrooms and locker rental nearby, but no changing areas in said restrooms.


We stayed at the Mt. Olympus Value motel, which was right next to the Hotel Rome on property. Our room had 2 queens, a coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, tv, a/c and heat. You park right in front of your room, which is a big PLUS over the hotel Rome. There was an indoor pool and picnic area there as well. Our room faced the "graveyard" complete with a styrofoam trojan horse! You can charge up your park wristband with money like a debit card so there is no need for cash in the parks. Food was comparable to Six Flags in quality and price.

Timber Falls:


Avalanche was running amazing. We were the only 2 on the coaster and rode front row. Timber Falls is a great little gem with lots of mini golf, a sky scraper ride, bumper boats, the coaster, and the best log flume I've been on. Ride/golf passes from 7-10 daily are only $14. So get over there and get on this ride!




This place was packed with arcade games, bowling, a coaster, movie ride, bumper cars, go karts, etc. Ride passes were fairly cheap, but bowling was pretty high at about $4.50 a game. Attached was Buffalo Phil's restaurant which was Pizza and Barbecue. Excellent food and incredible Western atmosphere. For those of you whom are familiar with Moose Jaw Brewing Co. in the Dells, this place has the same owner. I would go back there for grub every time! Next door is a nice timber-adorned outlet center with many great stores.


I have been to the Dells so many times in my life and every time I am still surprised. I would go back to Mt. Olympus for sure, but probably not overnight again. I am kind of stuck on the Wilderness Territory and the convenience of all they have to offer, so I'd have to return to staying there next time I go.[/b]

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