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Back in 1938, Mequon Park (outside Milwaukee) constructed their 3rd wooden coaster. Named the Fireball, this ride was FAR beyond anything that had been built at that time. It had steep drops, highly banked turns, and high speeds. At a little over 100 feet tall, Fireball was billed as the "biggest, baddest coaster in the world." Park goers often waited in lines that ranged from 1 and a half hours, to over 3 hours on July 4th, 1945. The real draw for the Fireball was the psycho airtime. Over 10 moments of it.


So why did the Fireball close in 1955? Well, during the winter of '54, heavy snow caused the famed s - curve to collapse. The Fireball then sat SBNO until 1958, when the Great Mequon Fire decimated the park.




POV for those w/o No Limits


The very interesting brakes


There goes a train...


The fun little prelift section




First drop


More turns


One of several tight curves


Small hill, big airtime


The famed s - curve

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Nice to see a ride from you, I always loved your building style and this one was no different.


The good

-It exceeds in the fun factor

-It explores a different approach in layout while staying true to your track style

-Its quite smooth considering the design


The not so good

-The use of trims and boosts to create the pace you want, I consider that to be cheating when it comes to designing.

-Some of the transitions were too harsh.


My verdict

Despite the obvious faults , your design style ensures that this ride doesn't disappoint.



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