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Hey everybody!


This is only my second NL coaster I have posted. I am not the greatest on this game, but I am getting better. Black Sea Nettle is a very custom design. It's style is not typical to B&M in very many ways, but I think it would be a very fun and unique ride.


Comments and criticism would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!



P.S. In case you don't know what a Black Sea Nettle is, there are two pictures below. Two years ago, my entire family was stung by these huge creatures. My mom got it the worst; her thumbs were paralyzed for weeks.

Black Sea Nettle.nltrack


Enjoy your ride on Black Sea Nettle.




Upside down...........




Here we go!



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Ok here is my critique.


1. Coming out of the station you have a very odd moment where you banked the track. Somewhat like a trick track.


2. B&M's are very tight inversions and that beginning portion after the lift, was by far the most uncharacteristic part of a B&M floorless.


3. You had all these inversions that belong on an X-car coaster, not a B&M.


4. You did not even have a break run (something that every coaster should have).


Overall, I felt like you tried to combine 4 different coaster types into one and it did not work. I really hate to be this critical especially since its only your second coaster on NL, but still I would suggest that you should have other people who know a good NL coaster when they see it. Great try though. I can tell that you have put a lot of time into this ride.

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Black Sea Nettle is a very custom design. It's style is not typical to B&M in very many ways, but I think it would be a very fun and unique ride.


Thank you very much for the critique, coastercrazy216.


However, I said what I said in my original post because I knew people like you would look at my coaster. I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a warning that my coaster was purposely custom, and an extremely different ride than a normal B&M floorless coaster.


Next, the "odd moment" out of the station was just for fun.


Third, I feel that the portion after the lift was part of my own creativity.


Fourth, I must humbly say that I completely disagree with your statement about the inversions being unsuitable for a B&M coaster. Almost every B&M floorless has a loop and a heartline, as does Black Sea Nettle. Others, Griffon for example, have immelmens.


Fifth, you say that I "didn't even have a break run." What was the thing right before the barrel roll? I do believe that those are called brake runs.


I truly hope that I'm not sounding rude, because I do appreciate your critique. I just feel that things need to be cleared up a bit.


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Hey man, how's it goin'? Don't know if you remember, but I ran into you on the Log Jammer at SFMM back in March.


Anyway, I understand what you mean. A lot of people tend to have this idea in their head that you have to design a ride based off the characteristics of the company for which style of coaster you are creating. However, half the point of NoLimits is to design rides as if YOU were the designer... which means you don't have to be characteristic of the company. Some people just don't get that. Sure, it can be fun to try and make a ride as accurate as possible, but it's also fun to push the envelope and do things out of the ordinary.


Anyway, I've got some things to consider:


-It's a little support heavy in many places. That might be how you wanted, but I would say you have plenty in many places.


-While some areas were support heavy, other areas didn't have supports at all, like the flip on the zero-g roll. I would start playing with the nodes to create custom supports. It's a pain in the ass process and is tricky at first, but you get better at it as you go. And unfortunately, it's required (well, as far as realism goes) in most inversions because most of the pre-fab support options cause collisions with the train (like in your last inversion). I understand you're new to everything though. I'm just saying that's something to think about in the future.


-The inversion after the mid-course is a bit choppy. Custom inversions are also a really big pain because you have to repeatedly tweak the vertices and test them until the inversion flows smoothly. I don't know if you use it or not, but one tool that really helps make this easier is the heartline display. In editor mode, just go to "display" and then "show heartline" and a yellow line will pop up. In the case of inline twists, you want to get the heartline as straight as possible.


-For the effect of realism, you might also straight your mid-course brake. This is easily done by clicking the piece of track you want straightened and then pressing the "I" key. Also, as mentioned, it would probably be good to add a brake run at the end.


-Sorry if already know about some of these tricks and tools that I've mentioned. One more that is extremely helpful though is the "smooth" option. Simply select any vertex on your track and then either click "Edit" and select "smooth" or just push "Ctrl"+"G". This will automatically make the transition between the two track pieces at this vertex smoother. It isn't always for the best, but most of the time it really helps.


Anyway, hope that's the kind of stuff you were lookin' for. Don't lose the individuality/creativity. Keep coming up with your own innovations.

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