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Here is my very own Intamin Freefall! I am very proud of it and i decided to post it on here for all you guys to check out! I took quite a while to get all of the things in place and working out how do make it freefall. But hey, I got there in the end. YAY!


EDIT: After eading about the fake drop, I thought I should incorperate it into it! So, I have added a download with a fake drop! Enjoy!

Giant Drop.nltrack

Was called Giant Drop but weren't original. Mind you, nor is Apocalypse.


That's what the onride photo looks like.

Apocalypse - Fake Drop.nltrack

Here ya' go!

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CoasterNut17 - Thanks for the possitivity! Very much apriciated. You can make one and no matter how hard you try, it will never be as good as mine. Jokes. Good Luck. Hope it goes good for 'ya!


The Cheat - What do you mean?[/u]

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^A fake drop is when the car gets to the top, holds you there for a couple seconds, then drops only like 15 feet, stops, and then falls the rest of the way. It is very nerve racking!



How many times is it supposed to do a fake drop?


I don't think it is supposed to do any. I really didn't feel to much of a fake drop.

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OH!! Ok, in that case, it's not meant to fake drop at all. Sometimes the drop fails and it just doesn't want to drop. It falls like a foot slows down then goes to the top the falls and goes up again until it just stops and does nothing at all. If that happens, just re-set it. I couldn't figure how to fix it. Maybe someone else can.

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