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Photo TR: Silver Dollar City/Celebration City

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Ok so .. being a passholder has it's benefits. This was our 4th trip this year to Branson, after the 440 mile drive in the morning (started at 1am from Plano) we arrived in Branson around 845am. Got to SDC right at 915 or so, parked in Season Pass Preffered and headed for the gate.


The parking lots were packed already .. had me concerend, but once inside the crowds weren't too bad in the main street area since the park had yet to open. We headed off to PowderKeg after the rope dropped .. PK opened about 5 minutes later and we noticed they were running 3 trains. This kept up all day with no problems too. Longest we waited this day was 25mins for a ride on PK. I think I finally loved the back seat, but still love the front. After PK, we hit Fire In Ze Hole! I love this ride .. and they turned up the water level for the final drop and got I pretty damn wet .. we got it on video too, yay for the Baldknobbers!


After FITH, we hit Wildfire for the Seat of DOOM! If you have or haven't ridden it, you need to ride the last car on the left outside seat (closest to the gates) with a loose harness. The airtime on the first drop is amazingly insane. We discovered this in 2001 and haven't ridden any other seats since. After about 5 rides in a row we walked around, did the Swinging Bridge and ThuNderaTion .. great ride with the Helix of Doom!


Ate and then headed out to Celebration City around 3. Celebration City was dead and got about 14 rides straight on Wildcat, a few they didn't even stop the train in the station .. gotta love those ride ops. After having fun on Wildcat and the Flyers, we headed out since it was getting more crowded to check into the hotel, rest and head out for dinner. Had dinner at the wonderful Outback (First ever, no longer apart of the chain). They have great Gator and great bad-ass steaks (Try the Aussie Steak).


The next morning, we hit SDC again to small small crowds. Waited no more than 5 minutes for any ride on PowderKeg, so ended up with close to 30 rides this weekend. Rode the Waterboggan and got soaked, we left around 4pm for home and made it. Photos now




Old Branson USA Ferris Wheel


Countdown to Night Fire!


Dedication Plaque


YAY for circus trees


New Circus tree section


Good S&S double shot


YAY for the best B&M around


The Toilet Bowl Helix of DOOM!


Entrance sign .. sign of true quality


even more .. im hungry now


mmm BBQ






More food .. can't do SDC and not eat


At the entrance


Yay for FOOD!


I wanted to buy this last trip .. but I don' have $1350 extra


Woo .. great addition




A great and wet flume


YAY .. see it IS a coaster :)



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Thanks for the awesome TR. I'm going to the parks for the first time over July 4th weekend and I'm glad to hear that PK is running multiple trains consistently with not too bad of waits. If these parks are anything like Dollywood, I'm afraid 2 days at each may not be enough time to enjoy everything as much as I'd like to.


Derek-yay for skillets!

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I enjoy SDC alot more than Dollywood now .. but Dollywood is right next to it. It's the older of the two and IMO the better .. I mean the kick ass cave is FREE! You get to see the little furry bats that Leslie reffers to as "Little Furry Chicken Nuggets"


Mmmmm .. I need to return again.

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