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RCT3 Installation Error

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So, after a few months of not playing RCT3, I decided to break it open again and see what I could make.


Unfortunately, the data(2).cab file is corrupt and I'm not sure how to fix it.


I was just wondering if anyone else had this very problem, and how they got around it?

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While I haven't had this problem, best bet is to back up what files you can (tracks, parks, pictures, etc...) somewhere and uninstall then reinstall. Luckily, those files are pretty easy to get to in the different My Documents folders.


Bummer this happened to you and I feel for you.


If it makes you feel better, hope fully you haven't pulled the "I just clicked the wrong park name in the save list and erased work on that project" routine. That one derailed a lot of progress on an Opryland project and I spent many nights in the Angry Dome.


Hang in there and good luck.

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The silly thing is, i just need that one file. I have the rest on my hard drive.


Once I have the file, I can run it from My Documents and it will work perfectly.


Only problem is, nobody wants to do that for me


Thank God I haven't got anything worthwhile, I'm not that organised

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Sorry, we don't do pirated stuff here. Go buy the software, or better yet, ask for one for christmas.



If you did read what I said, I already have the CD. I'm not going out to spend another £40 when I know exactly what file is corrupt.



I'm sure if you were in my situation, you'd be doing the same thing.

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