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Help with roller coaster report/speech


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First of, I must ask: Where has time gone? I haven't been on TPR very much lately. Going to college seems to have taken up a lot of my leisure time. Anyways, I needed a little help and figured that this forum was a good place to ask.


I have been working on a speech about the "History of Roller Coasters" and am having a little trouble with it. After searching the internet and the library, basic facts about the evolution of the coaster are there. But what I haven't been able to find (with the exception of a couple books) is credible knowledge that I can quote. Most of the information is from various roller coaster sites written by Joe Schmoe. Not that the information isn't correct, it just isn't something that would be very good to quote in a speech. Kind of like how professors don't like you to use Wikipedia for the same reason.


The other thing I am looking for is "stupid facts." You know, for example to put an emphasis on how many roller coasters there are in the world I could say something like:" if you took all the roller coaster tracks in the world and put them end to end you could travel to the moon". Not exactly something THAT complicated because I'm sure no one has counted up all the track lengths. Then again ... you never know who has a ton of time on their hands. Ha- ha.



So I guess if you are able to help in the slightest bit, I would appreciate it very much.


Heh ... and I thought doing a speech on roller coasters was going to be easy.

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Chris, look over to Ultimate Rollercoaster, they had a great history of amusement parks on there. Not the best source in the world, but I don't think you're going to find a whole lot better then that...


BTW: Glad to see that "Bench: The Ride" is still being kept alive after all these years!

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