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I would like to ask you something about NL.


So, When I built a coaster in diagonal (it means that I can't see it in the front, back,l eft and right view) it f&% the coaster, I can't make a straight segment without all f&?$*& the rest of my coaster. So, How do I do to conceive something in diagonal??

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3 Methods:


Method 1: Using a support


Place 2 support nodes on the template, the first where you want to start your hill and the second and the end of the hill. Make a support connect the nodes and place your vertexes on the line you've just created.


Method 2: Using split segment


Place a new vertex and the end of the hill. Split the new segment several times and adjust the height.


Method 3 Using save element


Make your hill in fowards or sideward direction in a different track file. When done, select the hill, save the element. And insert the element in the correct track file.


Hope this helps

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you want your hill to be a straight line (in top view) don't you? If you place your vertexes on that line and make sure the control points are also on that line, you a straight piece of track. After that you can go and raise the vertexes so you get a hill

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You use supports to create a secondary grid on top of the pre-existing where you need the diagonal segment. When you come to where you need to be diagonal, you use the support grid for alignment. Here I did a grid 45* off of the regular grid, and you can see how I aligned my segments and control handles with it. That's the basic idea.


Get it?

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Thats quicker, but if its really a pain I like this route better.


Build your straigt hills in another file. How?


Save the last segment in your file. Open up a new file and adjust the angle so when you Insert your last segment you just saved itll line up straight on the top grid.


Then just build from that along the grid and when you are done, save that element and insert into your other - main - file.

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