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Help Needed- New NL Dude

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First of all you are just plunking the nodes onto the grid, but we'll get to that later in the post.


Rule #1 of No Limits MATH!!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF MATH!!!!!! Simple math though. Like say you want a turn with a diameter of 20 meters, you would find the radius (Divide the diameter by two, how hard is that) so the radius would be 10 meters, and when you put the placement mark over a grid piece there will be a little black spec where the grid marker (look closely, it takes a while before you can see it easily) Make sure this is in the middle of the "cross hares" (for lack of a better term) and place the node. then select the track segment and press Ctrl+G (this is assuming you have the windows 1.6 version, 1.55 doesn't have this feature and I don't know what the command is for the mac version) and viola nice and circular turn, but remember place the nodes on a turn every 90* at the minimum.


Rule #2 Don't just plunk the nodes on the grid and leave them there. After placing them use the Ctrl+G function does it look right? If it looks right put the coaster into shuttle mode and ride it in the editor. Are there any Pumps? If not, good move on to the next part of you ride, if there are, try experimenting with different positions on the grid.


Rule # 3 Tools can help! Tools such as Elementary can help make elements such as loops, helixes, corkscrews ect. HSAK Is wizard for elementary that make more advanced helixes for you. Renduzelizer's (I know I spelled that wrong)Purgatorium can help synthesise elements but I highly recomend you take the tutorial that the download is posted on, otherwise it is somewhat of a steep learning curve. There are some more advanced tools but I won't show them to you just yet...


And lastly Rule #4, 3DS objects are you friends, a circle 3DS can help when making turns of oddball radii, straght edges on 3DS can help when making straight sections of track on odd angles. 3DS File go in C:\Program Files\NoLimits Coasters v1.6\objects and if they have an assigned texture the texture must be in either .TGA or .JPEG (or .JPG) format and in the same file as the object file itself. Here are some I use:


Straight and circle 3DS objects.

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I would say that you should try to see the coaster from all the possible angels and in 3D. It's much easier to make a smooth and okay coaster, when you use those things.

And one more thing. I think you use too much notes. Try to delete some of them, and the coaster will be much easier to modify.

I tried to delete some of them at the first hill of your coaster Blast, and the result came out quite okay.

You don't have to make a enormous work, but just take you some time, and you will get some good coaster.


And btw. I just learned to use the elementary Now it's much easier to make inversions Yay!!!

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Okay, much better. but about the vertical spike, why is the brake section all demented? The grid is there for a reason! And also *slaps self in head* when you want to make a straight section, say you want it going down (at least when oriented from the top view) you would put them on the same row/column of grid markers select the segment(s) (not the node) and press "I". I can't believe i didn't mention that the first time!

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