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PTR- Clarence Pier

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So its the start of the season and in my hometown i heard that there are two new rides at the pier.

So after handing in a job application into the Spinnaker Tower I proceeded to head to Clarence Pier, a short 20 minute walk.

For those who don't know the Spinnaker Tower, its a 550ft Observation Tower which gives great views over the solent and south downs area. Looks like this:

The struts in the arch were manufactured by Intamin AG, so could that count as a credit?


After the 20 minute walk, the almighty sign greeted me to tell me im at Clarence Pier

Ah the paint is still flaking after all these years.

But whats that! Something worse than a delapidated arcade! ZOMFG! An SDC Galaxi, pain on a fudging stick!

I don't know why i like taking pictures of people on rides with fantastic expression, almost like a slightly sadistic.

Prepare to meet your maker, or chiropractor, either way its going to be painful.


Anyway moving on, didn't want to ride any of the attractions particularly as I know they don't excite me anymore, even my favourite ride there didn't excite me . I will ride you Disk'O, don't you worry.


The park was heaving with invisible guests, as per usual. One of the invisible coaster enthusiasts came to my house the other day, i said "i can't see him!" (HAHAHA WEAK JOKE!)


Anyway, moving onto the first new ride, its a Moser ride, one of those rides that look like it could kill you if it went wrong. May remember one from IAAPA:

I was curious to ask what it did, i asked the operator:

Me: Does your pedalling push it over

Man who probably dosen't speak english well: mhm

Me: Intresting

Man who by now is thinking 'freak': *smiles*


The other new ride was nearby, so i quickly ran to that, its a beast of a ride, taking up a lot of space where the old Moser Tower Death Ride used to be.

Can anyone tell me who manufactures that ride, as i can't tell....I think its Moser but im not sure.

So i decided i wanted to go on this ride after watching its cycle, thinking its not very intense.

Still alright value for money in my opinion, biggest rides costing only £2.


It was an enjoyable ride, with some nice lateral and positive forces, only problem was it slowed down too fast, causing a huge lateral push to the side, well on my seat section it was, kinda hurt. Also gave me pins and needles in my feet, didnt really like that. Anyway still a fun ride.


So i stood by Cyclone the Moser Bike ride, waiting for someone to ride it, then i noticed strange and weird about the Merry Go Round

Why is it anatomically correct, quite worried now...i wonder if anyone has ever stuck..not worth thinking of!...


So eventually someone got on it, unlucky them. But it looked very interesting how it all worked.

^ refering to this picture for a while.

The main tube across turned via a motor, and the gear box on the side is connected to the middle tube. The gear box engages as the rider pedals on the bike below. This then makes the bike move a lot faster and can push it over the top.

Like so:

Next time i shall ride this, with more bravery, as it swings freely when the program has timed out, eurgh, not for me.


I leave you with the knowledge that i was hassled by my other work for a weird spare order, so fun for me on Sunday.

Shall be heading back down Clarence Pier sometime in the near future to ride Cyclone.

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