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Photo TR: Bell's Last Summer

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Awesome photos, thanks.


Yeah, it's depressing to look at the park be ripped apart, but think of how great Bell's 2.0 will be. The old Bell's was nice, but Zingo was really the only special part and many of the rides needed severe re-hab. This will give them the chance to make-over the park like they had planned, only on a much grander scale.

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I must say, I never got the pleasure of going to Bells as my plans for two seasons ago became last minute ruined


I can't wait for the relocation so I can show my support for the Bell family and their pushing forward with providing us with some serious fun, despite the city choices....that and I'm a big John Allen fan


Clay "Zingo will ALWAYS look that good" Lamanske

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Well, I'm not sure it's technically correct to keep using this thread to post current photos, but eh, why start a new thread when this one is going so well?


Anyway, I say that because I've got some new photos from my stop by the park last night. I'm sorry the photos suck so much, it was dark and my camera only really works well in light.


As you can see, Zingo is coming apart carefully piece by piece. As of now, pretty much all the steel rails are off and the track base is quickly following. Most of the lower run facing the car park is trackless. As for the rest of the park, the fair side has been reduced to ruble while the upper portion remains mostly untouched. No work seems to have started on the Chili peppers or the log flume.


As always, additonal information, more photos, and on-going coverage can be found on my site - www.superstevessupersite.com


Not much is left over here other than concrete blocks. The fair will have fun removing those.


Sigh... at least I'll be able to ride it again in a year or so.


There used to be more trees here, they seem to have all been ripped out. Tch, this lot is going to be a real visual scar on the area when Bell's is gone, maybe they can fill it with another trailer park.


All these little hops after the entrance fly-over are naked.


This is some of the old steel rails that have been ripped off. Doesn't look like they can be used again.


Many track bed pieces are now littering the old car park.


No track here.


Yup, here I am again. I'll miss this sight.

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