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I've been working on this ride for a few weeks now and I finally finished it today. Here's the specs.


Type: Intamin Rocket

Trains: 2 (red and yellow)

Color Scheme: Red and yellow track with yellow supports

Height: 251 feet.

Element List: 251 foot high top hat

177 foot twist and dive

152 foot overbank

130 foot air hill

119 foot flying flash twist (half loop into a diving zero g)

93 foot air hill

108 foot overbank

87 foot air hill

22 foot air hill

87 foot corkscrew

33 foot high banked turn

67 foot air hill

52 foot banked turn

57 foot air hill into brakes.


Please download and tell me what you think. This is also the first track that I've ever actually finished.


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I'm gonig to give you an Honest rating becuase I'm in the mood


Building Technique (6/10)-It was a smooth ride and it had an interesting layout but there were many spikes! many one was even red. There were also Pre-fabs (-1 point for using prefabs) and a lot of them which cause dit to be WAYYY over supports, I even hit one! Finally some of your transitions were weird.


Adrenaline (7/10)-Better here, I was a fast ride and the launch was surpirsingly quick, but the unessasary trim took away from the ride, It also slowed down a lot near the end and on a few hills.


Originalith (9/10)- It was original and i'll give you that, It was much longer than most accelerators, and the colors would make the blind men shield their eyes!


Overall not that great, but with a bit of work it could be good.

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