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[music video] Se:Side - Drums Of Africa

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A few months ago the German band Se:Side made a song for Black Mamba, the new B&M inverted in Phantasialand. Now they also made a video for that song.


The video itself looks pretty amateuristic, but the good part about it is that it is shot completely in Phantasialand itself. Don't expect to see any of the rides. Not that there aren't any in it, but you probably won't recognize them if you don't know what they look like.


The video can be viewed here: http://www.music-lounges.de/seside/video_kamboleo_cut_04_00_high.php

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Okay that was kinda weird... i don't think i like it that much, besides they could of at least shown the COASTER Black Mamba, since that what's the song made for...


At least it had those hot Black Mamba opening day girls in it, thow i don't get why the snake eats them and then puke's them back out... weird...


Thanks for posting it thow, i have yet to ride the coaster but i will some time this summer.

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