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  1. I'm excited for the campout. Not only do I get to ride Tatsu, I get to meet all of you! Kyle "Please don't bash me for posting" Miller
  2. just so you know, the whole boycott thing was a joke, so lighten up guys!
  3. What in the hell could live in there??? Swamp Thing?!!!
  4. I'm down. But I think they're heading south, if you know what i mean without our protest.
  5. i would like to request the same name please
  6. You know i think they could do that. Why not fill in that nasty lagoon and give your self another 5 acres of real estate.
  7. You know everytime i go, the ride looks closer to the water. Freaky! I think my foot grazed the the water last time
  8. Well I remember something like that in Sonoma, must be the place. What's the ride and landscape like?
  9. I've heard this rumor. Is the foundation for top gun slowly slipping into that nasty lagoon?
  10. Could you give me a name like no other, please Elissa!
  11. I stept on a ketchup packet when i was 12 in the parking lot of pga. ruined my right sock, went the whole day with no socks...fat blisters!
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