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  1. Universal's go-to for the past 15 years. Put guests in a box, add screen, splash water, repeat. I called this "upgrade" the day it was announced. Verbatim, "Watch, this Jurassic World project is going to enclose the entire ride with screens and splash you a little more than they already did." Boom, eat me, Universal. If I wanted to watch videos all day I'd sit at home for free and watch YouTube. You understand that by enclosing a portion of the ride that also allows them to upkeep higher end AA figures, right? It's just just about screens.
  2. I legit dont care about the technical coaster nerd stuff. It's a big piece = significant in my eyes.
  3. significant = 1? cause that's all that's there right now. lol I count 4 new beams and another piece to tower two added in under 30 minutes. So yeah, it's a significant addition in the amount of time.
  4. They've added a significant amount of pieces since that photo. Looks like it'll be topped off soon.
  5. I think Bigfoot is safe. If anything, they could (and should) do a total revamp in the line of what they did with Mine and Log. Except instead of restoring it, they could plus it up the wazoo by adding a *real* backstory, show scenes, enclose portions of it. You know, make it good.
  6. I highly doubt the amount of teasing has any correlation with the overall scope or quality of the attraction. Each park has their own marketing team who chose to promote and tease things in their own different ways. From my understanding they have a few surprises planned if you are lucky enough to attend tomorrow night.
  7. It'll actually be between 8:00pm - 8:15 from my understanding. 8:00 pm park time or 8:00 pm EST? Knott's is on the west coast haha. It's 8PM pacific time. Haha. Why would anybody on the Knott's thread be talking about EST? Your guess is as good as mine.
  8. It'll actually be between 8:00pm - 8:15 from my understanding. 8:00 pm park time or 8:00 pm EST? Knott's is on the west coast haha. It's 8PM pacific time.
  9. Restraint checks. I've watched them through half a dozen cycles in one day and most of the time was spent doing that. On a slower day they'd have 1 employee (maybe 2) operating the entire ride.
  10. Only go through the mazes that Jon Cooke has helped create. Anything else you can honestly skip. So, Paranormal Inc, Shadow Lands, Special Ops Infected (assuming it comes back), updated Trick or Treat, and whatever his unannounced 2017 maze(s) are. His mazes have a level of detail and creativity that hold up easily against HHN.
  11. Two weeks before his passing the Disney "fans" booed him mercilessly at the D23 Expo for not being against the changes to Pirates. This is such a sad loss and incredible Imagineer.
  12. I rarely post on TPR, I just wanted to see what the latest on the Boomerang project was. After reading the past few pages of this thread, i'm pretty sure I now have cancer.
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