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  1. I can 100% guarantee you will be able to get in as an out-of-stater. My friend from New Mexico posted from SFMM on his Insta story last week and I asked how he got in--he had a friend order his ticket from a CA IP address and had zero trouble at the park because they do not check. As many have shared, it does break ethics.
  2. Okay?? The park can still do better. If they're advertising about how clean the place is, then they might as well at least TRY to uphold their word. It is poor management at the end of the day. Employees don't give a fuck at the park to uphold COVID guidelines. I'm sure they receive little incentive to put in an ounce of effort, so it makes sense. Can they do better, though? YES! It's fair to critique them on this, there's no need to bootlick a big corporation like you're currently doing. We are able to critique these companies as consumers.
  3. TikTok is great and you're missing out bruh. But have fun with whatever you do. Just bringing it up because it is viral, and I love this place and want them to do better so they don't risk getting shut down or having problems in the future if COVID isn't going away. I went back this past Sunday and had a grand ole' time. Can they do better? Absolutely.
  4. It used to run amazingly! I rode it was Deja Vu at Magic Mountain. It debuted the same year as X. What a year for SFMM. I then went to college in NYC and took a Greyhound to SFNE to pay homage to the iconic coaster it once was...and was totally disappointed. The new trains are incredibly terrible. It was a fun experience in the front row, but it's not always guaranteed. Such a shame, because the drop and the elements are amazingly fun and thrilling...but with the Vekoma trains. I really hope they put in some work and bring back the old trains, or just remove it altogether and put in something new.
  5. It's also completely fair to criticize Six Flags for not living up to its promises. I saw this viral TikTok yesterday with 1.5 million views. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe9UFhRt/
  6. I agree on the distancing, it was pretty bad when I was there. They had some employees by the Tatsu line to monitor, but they said nothing to non-distancing park-goers. I went to Disney World in December and they almost threatened to kick people out for wearing a mask below the nose. Definitely a difference in handling the situation. I definitely did not see any sanitizing on rides while I was there either, and I have to say, the hand sanitizer they have across all Six Flags parks has the consistency of vodka. It's THIN. However, I'll do what it takes for my favorite park hahahaha. If you're getting vaxxed up and wear your mask, the risk is very little, and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy in the future. Thanks for the report!
  7. I would DEF do the weekend prior to avoid the Labor Day crowds. But either way, you're in for a treat. It's a magical park.
  8. Finally got to hit this amazing park on Sunday the 11th since last year's closure. Arrived around 10:45 for an 11:15 reservation. Surprisingly scored the best parking I've ever gotten at Magic Mountain, just beyond Hurricane Harbor. Went straight to Full Throttle. Took about 90 minutes. The capacity on this thing right now with COVID is super duper low. Very slow line, and it got PACKED by the time we got off. Went on to Twisted Colossus. The employees were absolutely killing it. Pumping trains out left and right. We also got in a solid race (What an experience. Love this coaster till the end of time. Such violent ejector airtime and such a smooooth ride). Line only took about 25 minutes, though I saw it got more crowded later in the day. Then hit Apocalypse. The line didn't look too bad but it moved SLOWLY. Operations weren't the best at this coaster. Took about 80ish minutes to get on. However, I really forgot how great this woodie is. It was a violent, amazing ride, with some great pops of air. Solid coaster. We ate at the Chicken Coupe. Food was a total miss. Hockey puck bun and dry chicken (yum). Some of the things we let theme parks get away with is criminal LOL. Then got on Tatsu. Employees here were also killing it. Running both sides of the station and sending trains out as quickly as possible. It's running at full capacity, because I believe the rows are already 6ish feet apart? Anyways, got on the back seat. Pretzel loop for the win. Running super smooth, too. Ended the day at good ole' X2, perhaps my favorite coaster of all time. This too had great operations. It was running at full capacity (like Tatsu, I'm assuming, bc the rows are so far apart). Sat in the backseat. What a DROP. Feels like your soul is getting yanked out of your body. Truly iconic. And missed that final drop. Got to sneak on the last train of the night and ride in the back one more time. God, I love this thing. Such a good, solid, intense, crazy coaster. And it's running amazingly. *make sure to keep your head glued to the head rest, and you'll have the ride of your life* Overall, very solid experience. I've usually gotten on more rides pre-pandemic, but I can't complain. The park is open, I went on a Sunday, and I still got to get on the top 3. Didn't bother with WCR. Some trains only had 4 people on them, and the line looked looooooong. Can't wait to ride in the future, though. Regarding COVID, the social distancing in the lines wasn't the best. Didn't really feel like they were distanced at all, honestly, for the majority of the day. But I don't blame the park for that. I blame the park goers. I didn't really mind though, since I'm a lot less worried now that things are better in California. Hopefully in the future, as cases continue to drop and vaccines are even more widespread, the park can run coasters at full capacity. But for now, I'm happy with this
  9. Animatronics that they could have replaced, revamped, I don't know, ANYTHING. The new beginning of the ride can't compare imo.
  10. I agree. The problem with Universal is screens screens screens. It's a movie park so it makes sense, I just can't in my right mind get behind this Jurassic World refurb ever since they eliminated the opening scene and all of the animatronics.
  11. More info on tickets was released today. Park hours for both parks will be from 9am to 7pm, and the reservation portal for people who do NOT already have a ticket opens on April 12th. No word on a new pass program yet. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/04/heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-disneyland-resorts-reopening-including-theme-park-reservations-and-tickets/?CMP=SOC-DPFY21Q3wo0401210407210022C
  12. Awesome! I can't wait to go next weekend. Random question--did they scan your reservation barcode at the parking lot or entrance?
  13. Anyone know if a new pass program will debut with the re-opening? I can't wait to go back but it just doesn't make sense for me to buy a day ticket since I hit Disney pretty frequently.
  14. I believe you have to have proof of CA residency to get in. Probably a California ID, but who knows if they'll be serious about it.
  15. Do you know if you can use the Diamond skip the line perks at all Six Flags parks? Magic Mountain is my home park (where my membership is linked to), but I'm going to the Roller Coaster Rodeo at Fiesta Texas in June and would love to use this feature there too
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