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  1. I don't even know where to start with this. First of all Coaster enthusiasts probably make up less than 1% of a parks Annual visitors and revenue. They simply don't make decisions based on what we want. For the people who pay the bills (the General Public) this will probably be a huge hit. Presumably this ride doesn't focus on airtime because they have a very similar ride on the opposite side of the park which does and it doesn't make sense to invest 30million dollars replicating a ride you already have. So thems the breaks kids. If you dont like it you can either find 30 million dollars to build your own ride, or get another hobby. Don’t feed the troll. At least I hope they’re a troll. but which troll, this is simply a high coaster. I thought that with fury cedar fair he had learned to make decent coasters. I was wrong
  2. epic? giga coasters should exist for air time. this is as much a waste as beheemot and millenium force
  3. Over 1600 tests? That's more than the number of total guests they get per season! should make you laugh?
  4. the attraction was approved with displacement from the original construction site
  5. millenium force,there is more air time on the bumps than I take with the car
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