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  1. According to the comments here https://queue-times.com/parks/32/calendar/2019/10 WCR is looking to open Nov 8th. Take that with a grain of salt but it is some info.
  2. I would realistically see it opening in Nov. They are already working on multiple buildings in the area. Including a cement based building near where the station would be (not sure if it is another building or the station itself). It also looks like rather than building anew they are re-purposing the main buildings in the center.
  3. Been wondering this myself. It's like they've totally forgotten. In some classic Six Flags Magic Mountain irony, the project is supposedly being held up by permitting issues. I don't know why the park can't seem to figure out permits, but Justice League, Crazanity, and WCR (the station) have all been held up by permitting issues. Even the Aftermath 2 maze in the back of the park was held up for the same reason and was never actually seen to completion. I don't think it is so much the park as it is the bureaucratic nightmare building anything in CA is.
  4. Yeah a couple of the worst offenders are the Full Throttle Plaza, and the area just past the midway going towards gold rusher. Walks of fire.
  5. The new 300 foot RMC TREX will look quite nice in that spot. I would want the tried and tested raptor, I am always leery of getting the prototype of a coaster.
  6. I consider the removal of GL addition by subtraction. Just think they open up a whole new slot for a new ride in the future.
  7. I keep putting on the surveys in the suggestions that they should paint the pavement under scream.
  8. They can theme it to Green Lantern. The GP won't tell the difference Make it an RMC raptor and I will be happy.
  9. I could see a November opening. Assuming they aren't waiting on anymore track to be shipped.
  10. Some current images from 8/19 of the progress of the figure 8/spaghetti bowl section and what track/supports are left in the overflow lot. Them taking another piece out of the overflow lot.
  11. I'm not a fan of stand-ups at all and I'm not particularly into B&M loopers — especially when it feels like a ride is just a catalog of stock elements. I rode it in the front on Sunday as well and it was indeed good. The last few times I've ridden it, it's boxed my ears in pretty bad, but not this time. The center seats (like any 4 across coaster) are fairly smooth while the edge seats are a bit whippy. guessing you more than likely sat on edge seats before but center seats recently.
  12. Was it a ride later in the day? I find as the day goes on it gets rougher and rougher. I am also assuming you were riding back row like any good enthusiast that doesn't want to be thrashed around does.
  13. I wonder if they are trying to get some of the refurbishment out of the way right now so all the rides are tip top when WCR opens later in the year.
  14. The thing is the only reason Apocalypse is not running is because of WCR construction. So I wouldn't technically categorize it as such as there is nothing wrong with the ride iteself, just its placement necessitates it being closed. Thats just my personal opinion on it though.
  15. How do they only run 2 trains on twisted colossus?!?! there is very little chance of any duels that way. As far as Scream, it's usually one train unless it's packed. Goliath was only temporarily closed. Still though, the 2 trains on Twisted Colossus baffles me. Though I do know before TC was closed for an extended period last week their trains were having trouble registering the lapbars being down (at least 1-2 of the trains were) so maybe they were in for maintenance then and only 2 are ready, who knows.
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