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  1. I do hope they don't close on weekdays starting mid august this season as it seems HW is aiming for mid to late august for Holiday Knights.
  2. The collars were less obtrusive than I thought, they didn't restrict much up and down movement but they were a bit stiff around the neck. I find them less objectionable than I thought they would be. I still think given the small amount of seats to check seat belts would have been fine. I can cheat those to be relatively loose though I suppose I can do the same thing with these as their tightness would be determined by the lap bar (they clip to the middle of the lap bar).
  3. I think its New Texas Giant. not sure where the A is coming from though.
  4. Idk... when I was there last and tried riding in the last row of NTAG I wasn’t allowed. I was put in the “chicken coop” till they found another single rider for the last row. Maybe it’s because.... oh... I don’t know... they legit had someone FLY out of one of their roller coasters. So they implemented this procedure so that they have two sets of eyes in case something like this happens again. Because having an audience to someone flying out the coaster helps? Frankly it sounds like the ride attendants fault for giving an obese person with a questionable lock on the restraints the go ahead. Did they not have seat belts implemented on the ride back then?
  5. If the station and queue follows their model it is just that one building for the station and the queue is just tented outside.
  6. So if I get this right, there needs to be 2 people for observation purposes? Setting aside that cameras could be used for this, rather than park patrons, I was allowed to sit as the last person on the train solo, it just had to be in the middle or front.
  7. What is with the rule that you can't sit in the back alone? It completely caught me by surprise as I have never heard of a rule like that and screwed my ride on Titan as they made me sit in the middle.
  8. all but one picture would be pretty much nearly completely dark if not for dark mode on the iphone. or, similar setting on an android phone. if not for dark mode, i wouldn't have posted any pics because they'd look terrible. Ah seemed a bit more than just night mode. My mistake.
  9. Surprised it is so brightly lit. Though guess it being in the middle of a city doesn't help.
  10. What's wrong with Chicken and Waffles taffy? Have you tried it? It is delicious.
  11. The gate to the back area should be open on fright fest days. If there was an attendant standing right outside of Apocalypse in that area then I cannot help you as it is unrelated to when that area is open.
  12. I never meant it as if those were simple things, just that those are the last things that need to be done since they are just about done with anything else. On the flip side it isn't like they couldn't get those two things done in 2 months.
  13. Rode it twice today, was smoother than it has been in the last 3 months. Looked like they were just about done with the rest of the buildings in the area, I am guessing the station for WCR is going to be the last building. They already long built the side area for all the ride "guts", it just needs the station itself and the panels in there to connect to said "guts" and then testing should be good to go. I could easily see this meeting their supposed Nov timeline. On another note, most rides earlier in the day seemed to not be trimming as much speed off as usual but that went back to normal later in the day. Apocalypse was super smooth and just got faster and faster and faster as the day went on. Got a night ride on it and holy crap it was flying.
  14. Just because they haven't finished all the buildings in the area doesn't mean they aren't any closer. I just gave a general rundown, I haven't said what they finished building as far as buildings in the area.
  15. Just needs the station track and station and then the buildings they are making in the area (they are currently working on said buildings). Heading there this friday so should be able to see better from the Apocalypse area.
  16. Now someone is saying that they stopped construction work because of financial issues with going 365 days. Construction was still going on last week when I went. Not sure where this info is coming from.
  17. You only need 2 days if you go on a busy day. I use the past records and estimates from https://queue-times.com/parks/32/calendar to judge park crowds. Here is the one for knotts, https://queue-times.com/parks/61/calendar . As far as places outside of the park, off the top of my head, Philippe just outside of chinatown for a great french dip. Papa Cristo's over in Pico Union is a great greek place. If you have a big movie you are interested in around the time you visit, I would recommend hitting Edwards 21 over at Irvine Spectrum if they have it on their huge Imax, it's a great screen.
  18. Seems like Apocalypse is only open on fright fest days. At least today the section was closed off like it had been all summer. Also GLFF is more than halfway gone, good riddance.
  19. Turntable please Seconded, Tidal wave already gets a ridiculous line for what it is when it is hot out. We don't need a repeat of it with something replacing it. It would make sense to have a powersplash for MM as they really want to get back up to 20 coasters but they also don't want to take out one of their water rides. Not to mention they can just theme it to Aquaman and that whole back corner of the park will be DC (especially if they retheme crazanity to Harley Quinn or Joker or something).
  20. I put it at 90% chance it will be open by then. I will be surprised if it doesn't open in Nov/Dec.
  21. not really answering your question, but in my report, i purposely typed YOLO Plaza. lmao. Oh cause I had a previous post that replaced Full Throttle with YOLO. EDIT: Guess it replaces it with YOLOcoaster.
  22. lol does this forum automatically replace f-u-l-l t-h-r-o-t-t-l-e with YOLO?
  23. Doubt that is going to last on a Fright Fest Sunday. Though good to know that earlier in the day it is dead.
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