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  1. I'm considering getting FL+ for one day of my visit on a sunday in later June, though I don't know if its worth it. I'm considering it though, as I'm making a 7 hour drive and my plat pass gets Fl+ for the price of regular.
  2. It used to be Ricochet until they themed the area to Hanover Hills Orchard, so I guess Apple Zapple is the best they could come up with XD. I do enjoy the ride, though. One of the smoother Wild Mouse out there.
  3. KD is my home park, and the only two times I've seen long lines were an October Saturday and the Saturday before Easter. The park is generally pretty quiet, but if you wanna maximize rides $65 for a fast line won't really be a regret.
  4. How do you make the track? I am currently working on a model and I am very inspired by your work. I am currently going to make PVC pipe supports. Do you have any advice? -TheFurious325
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