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  1. For a park that makes suchcc be a big deal about their food, they really need to get that part figured out. At this point I’m thrilled I didn’t do passes to DW next season. Way too many negatives. Here’s to hoping next season is a rebuild and reset, or I’m a little scared for what things look like going forward. They have burned through so much season pass good will this year that they really need to find their footing fast.
  2. After having now seen the Winterfest Wonderland Parade 3x at Kings Island (no reservations needed thank you very much) Dollywood really needs to get the parade back next year. It adds a kinetic energy that fireworks just don’t have. I guess staffing the parade is an issue since they can barely get the food places open, but it does help the overall energy of the park.
  3. Park not opening today until 3 due to potential bad weather. Cue the entitled passholders comments already on social media.
  4. Right. There’s perception and reality in social media land, but when you have a free bring a friend incentive that ends in the 19th that was used to sell passes, they should’ve expected that weekend to “sell out”. If you wanted to go that weekend to use those incentives, then the fact that later weekends are available is pretty much moot.
  5. That’s why we didn’t do season passes on our “every other year” plan. We live in Cincinnati and alternate with KI, but this year we are skipping Dollywood until they get their act together. And I love all these people saying “Dolly needs to know what’s going on” LOL Like she cares about the day to day running of the business venture she’s a part owner of!
  6. I think thats the issue - Its on the website, but they've not been checking - even telling people they "suggest" but don't require, then overnight earlier this week they became "mandatory" again right as they have bee pushing season pass sales - now people that bought to "take advantage of Smokey Mtn Christmas this year".... can't because so many days are already sold out. I just think this park needs to get a handle on a lot of things as they keep growing and chasing a bigger and bigger slice of the tourism pie.
  7. Not sure why Kings Island can run on no reservations this year and pull off a reservation-free Christmas event and Dollywood is struggling with guest experience so much.
  8. DW is getting called out a lit right now by passholders for their seemingly “sudden” switch to making reservations required again. They really need to get their operations under control going into next “normal” year or they are going to further erode their “good guys” image. They seem like they have struggled this year to have a consistent operating message.
  9. Interesting. I used to be, they must’ve dropped it when they added dragon flyer.
  10. Agree with the domestic slant, but I think they are looking to convince people to come to Dollywood first (SDC not as much) with a (soon to be) slate of 4-5 hotels, cabins, campground, water park, dry park, dinner shows (why they don’t provide shuttle service to on site guests to those is beyond me). Not just coming for another reason, then stay on a DW, but making that the main focus of the trip.
  11. I think “small gem” ship sailed a year or so ago. It’s still a unique product, but they definitely have their eyes on a bigger prize these days.
  12. They are in the BUSINESS of entertainment. They still are a business with a P&L sheet and responsibly to investors. Their reason for existing is NOT to entertain, it is to run a successful and profitable entertainment business.
  13. Mine don’t, but they love to go for rides, food and the overall experience. My parents don’t ride rides, but they love to go to the shows, food, shopping and overall experience. Thanks for pointing out that they have successfully established that hard to achieve pinnacle of appealing to different ages and demographics.
  14. Good shopkeeping and maintenance should dictate that all items are regularly dusted regardless of turn. Thanks for reporting that they are doing a great job keeping the shops clean!
  15. It’s valley, not alley, and different areas of the park already do have different styles of music. I’d suggest you do some research before you “theorize” about someplace you seem to know little about. The “older crowd” spends heavy on food and merchandise, the areas where the profit margin is (unlike rides which generate no ROI directly) so the park will always cater to them. Since you “don’t know anybody that goes there for the music” you and your peer group are clearly not their target demographic.
  16. She NOT becoming more popular????? She on probably the biggest awareness high she been in YEARS right now. I could actually see her thinking “I’ve got so many development deals going on right now that the last thing I need to boost my awareness is this” I don’t think that’s the case, but waning “popularity” is NOT the reason.
  17. That’s pretty “known news” at this point, but yeah... drones.
  18. Oh the horrors!!! A business trying to make money during a horrible year with mounting losses. It’s fudge. But it. Don’t. But I doubt the price of fudge means they have thrown the entire guest experience out the window.
  19. I think people are reading WAAAAAAY too much into the “strikes twice” line. I think they are making some necessary modifications to ensure better operations... threw RMC under the bus a bit by clearly stating they are involved (like the GP would really care? Maybe part of the lawsuit settlement), and will reopen AGAIN (strikes twice) with the same ride experience, but with better reliability. I think people are setting themselves up for disappointment with all these wild “two launch” theories. It’s marketing spun guys. Nothing more.
  20. Try sending communication directly to Pete Owens in charge of PR. I at least got a “halfway personal not totally form response” last year during the Wildwood Grove “that’s not exactly what we promised” fiasco. Their entire PR team is seriously lacking and has been for a while. Not sure if it’s staffing or ineptitude, but if they want to be the “national destination” they are striving to be, they HAVE to get better at social media responsiveness. Having a successful Facebook feed is not just posting what you want (good about yourself) and ignoring all the negative comments hoping they go away.
  21. Dollywood has been BEAT UP in social media for their customer service all around this year yet they stay mum on everything. I’m not sure it’s ALL warranted, but they have certainly tarnished their image a lot and I’m not so sure they will get some of the shine back
  22. I personally think that’s a bAd idea when the ride system is intended to be supplemented by a themed environment. It results in a sub par experience for the first while, and if “successful” gives little incentive to go back and finish adding the elements later. I can’t see herschend operating this way Imagine mystery mine as just a gerstlauer euro fighter plopped there for a few years then “ hey now it’s a mine ride” Don’t see it happening. Do it all the way or don’t do it.
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