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  1. Someone wake me up when this site is meaningful and relevant again, oh-and free of passive aggressive a/holes who have to be self entitled and rude. This place is pointless and stupid.
  2. They reposted the image to Facebook. Here’s the concept art for the summer celebration “kite sky” and fountain.
  3. Someone wake me up when something worthwhile gets posted.
  4. "New and unique elements throughout the park enhance the summer fun for guests with new decor elements like the all-new Kite Sky, unexpected splash and play elements, colorful kids play activities in The Village, a bubble foam party in Wilderness Pass, and an unparalleled and interactive art installation that invites guests to spin on life-size tops in Wildwood Grove." I saw a picture on their FB page, but can't find it now - looks like its been pulled down. So - BITCHY - I saw it... didn't post it yet and now it's gone. I was asking if anyone else saw it and had thoughts about it. This site is pretty much pointless now - no one actually has any productive discussion, just unnecessary comments that the poster "thinks" are funny.
  5. Has anyone seen the concept art for the summer celebration entrance using the umbrella sky rigging for kites? Fountain looks interesting. Does anyone post anything around here anymore??
  6. I think pay continues to be an issue as well. Cedar fair drastically raised pay rates to get a solid staffing (just knowing from experience at Kings Island) and even though they are dialing it back a bit this year, they established a new roster of staff and are mostly dropping the rate only for NEW HIRES meaning those who return and bring that operational knowledge with them, are being compensated for it. I think Hershend got by for a long time on “good will and dedication “ that COVID pretty much decimated.
  7. It totally matters! It’s a THEME park. Attitudes like yours allows the slide to start. I used to be so impressed that “good enough” did not seem acceptable for this fairly small regional park. It should be LESS acceptable as they move into the real of national destination. And to use some past examples… Mystery Mine effects haven’t worked in the right sequence (green snaking fuse, green lantern, explosion) in years, the spark fountains that actually told the story of “big Bertha” igniting on FireChaser worked sporadically the first season then never again, the prop burning fireworks have never been cleaned of black soot (making it obvious the effect has happened over and over, lightning rod had had numerous tools ripped off of the queue work benches and never replaced… etc. the park is NOT as focused on the details as they once were, but I guess neither is Disney, so if that’s their new competition, then they are following right along.
  8. Wow. High bar you have there! “I expected a lot worse” and “I’m not impressed but better than I expected” are NOT glowing reviews of a project’s success. That sounds like parents who want an award for their kids because “at least they showed up and played 4 out of the 10 scheduled games and only fell down on the soccer field a little bit”. My point is sure it can be “ok” but there are examples of exceptional, so why not expect it?
  9. Young kids are not evaluating your product or paying for it. “Good enough for young kids” is a really odd standard since the pictures of the amazingly well done tree is from the Indianapolis KIDS Museum.
  10. Except for one poorly executed fake tree that looks like steel pipe cleaners stuck together. Imagine THIS, but with musical instruments sculpted into it instead of sports references. And how cool would it be if you could go it it like this?
  11. I agree. I’m not impressed with the direction the park has been heading past few years. The recent remodels (grannies, front porch, emporium) into generic “country modern” are totally off theme. That’s fine for the hotel that is not a themed environment, but in the park? I think the Emporium looks like a generic mall store now. Yes, it needed flow work, but the easiest solution would be NOT routing all exit traffic through it. It looks soulless now, and that has nothing to do with light inventory due to supply issues. Removing the tunnel and Christmas shop to “open things up” might be necessary from an operation standpoint, but then you don’t support the increased traffic flow with sufficient staffing to decrease waits for food. If they want to compete with Disney, they certainly are playing at their game, but not in a good way.
  12. This looks… ummm wow. Like momma always said if you can’t something nice… the tunnel maybe needed work, but all that’s missing from this picture is the Walmart the sidewalk is in front of (Sorta momma,I failed)
  13. Feelings about the Emporium? I’m not loving it. Looks a bit barren.
  14. No. It was a restaurant. The “my people” show is in the old action theatre ride building. The museum originally opened as a restaurant that they envisioned being open year round even when the park was closed. The first iteration was Silver Screen cafe themed to different movies. The entire area was supposed to be a tribute to the movies (hence the original name “Dollywood blvd”. The restaurant only lasted one year and was returned to DJPlatters in 1997. And yes. Sorry. I was referring to the entrance of the museum.
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