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  1. I was at the park today and got pictures of Eli doing the parade and interviews. Although I'm not a huge sports fan, it's always cool to be so close to the professionals, especially a day after the Super Bowl! Lots of Giants fans turned out, but not as many as the Packers last year. http://thepointol.com/walt-disney-world/photo-gallery-eli-manning-super-bowl-parade-at-magic-kingdom/ http://thepointol.com/walt-disney-world/photo-gallery-eli-manning-super-bowl-parade-at-magic-kingdom/
  2. When did Cedar Point care about theming? This will be great for the park and really add capacity.
  3. Wasn't planning on going to SFOG this year, but maybe I will have to if Cyclone is being retracked.
  4. Major attractions simply do not have the ROI that they did years ago. I always remember Kinzel saying Magnum was his best investment, not only because it was a major success, but that it paid for itself the first year. Major coasters these days simply do not bring in the hoards of people to have a return their first year.
  5. Just noticed the "Thrills Connect" tagline on these. It really brings a whole new aspect to the park that has never been explored before.
  6. Yes, Geauga Lake was a huge competitor to Cedar Point. Geauga Lake was extremely successful at hosting company picnics, something Cedar Point struggled at. With the eliminate of GL, companies that wanted to have a picnic had one of their top choices eliminated.
  7. Agreed that these ads are a great change. Put more focus on the family aspect of the park, even if it is a roller coaster.
  8. Here are the links to the winter photos. It was hard for me to get good photos, I didn't have a good camera and the poor weather and inability to get close to anything didn't help. To the Mod that has something against me, in no way was my original post intended as spam and I apologize for any confusion. Robb has frequently posted on my site (CPForums.com under username "robbalvey") creating new threads about upcoming trips and reviews. I always embrace these types of posts and welcome others to share their experiences on my site. Again I apologize and hope from here on out everything will be okay. -Mike
  9. I never understood why they show kids that aren't tall enough for any of the coasters with those same coasters in the background...
  10. I was in Sandusky this past weekend and was able to drive around to get some pics of the area and Cedar Point. It sure does look different in the winter!
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