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  1. hey whats springtime in the park like? i hate crowds and i know this park is one of the most continually crowded parks so trying to find days for next year to visit where wait times will be low. i don't know if queue times website is accurate but it seems that sundays in may and june (other than memorial day weekend) are the best bet. but easter sunday looks pretty quiet too, we usually go to great adventure easter sunday and everythings open, and the place is -dead-, does hershey usually have everything up and running in april or is there a lot of rides closed?
  2. a new superman? what would be the point. put in maxx force 2, sfne needs a launch coaster.
  3. lol, i rode dragster and ka from the front row 5 times each in the same week.. the difference in experience is so negligible to me. the theming, viewing area, and location in the park are considerably better on dragster. but as far as the actual ride experience? the launch, etc..? the launch on kk was better, there's no difference in "roughness" from the front row.. however the further you go back on kk the difference becomes very noticeable.. but you shouldn't be riding either from anywhere other than first row. and the infamous restraints... maybe if you're a really big person it could make
  4. Was planning on visiting carowinds Saturday morning, it’s the only time I can visit, forecast looks pretty terrible.. will the park open? Does fury or copperhead run in the rain? I feel I might be getting a bust on this one, unfortunately my window Saturday only
  5. Thanks! Hows the single rider line on the two water coasters, if I wanted to re-ride later in the day when the kids are napping or something, does it move pretty fast?
  6. yeah i'm not big on flats, i'm going mostly the 4 big coasters and will join family in the waterpark afterwards
  7. Also, will be visiting next wednesday, I'm hoping it will be pretty quiet but if it isn't, what's the best plan of attack for Voyage, Legend, Raven and Thunderbird. What order should I do them to wait in line the least amount of time?
  8. yeah i was wondering, on wildebeest they'd always be facing forwards and i could wrap my legs around them.. but on mammoth they're kind of on their own and will have times where they can't see whats happening
  9. I don't think it's too intense but one thing is the water splashing in your face while you ride, particularly on Wildebeest, can make it feel like a bigger deal than it is. It's a bit hard to capture in words, one of those 'you'll know what I mean once you do it' kind of things. But if he's ok with those Disney rides then he'll be fine here cool thanks, which would be the best to start with, wildebeest or mammoth?
  10. How intense are the water coasters? My 4 year old is 42", are they generally too intense for a child that age? He enjoyed splash mountain and big thunder at disneyland but not sure how that compares. I'm going to do a lap as a single rider to check things out first, but just curious if it's the kind of ride that generally gets kids that young? My 5 year old is tall enough for Millenium Force at Cedar Point but obviously have not taken him on it yet Just wondering if it's one of those deals
  11. AKA its down for the rest of the season. has that happened before?
  12. has there been any announcement about what the problem is or how long it might take to fix? no mention of it on their website, not even on the skyrush page..
  13. Canadian long weekend, wonder how much traffic comes from north of the border
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