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  1. Park was dead Sunday, station wait for pretty much everything all day. Zumanjaro was closed and they said it hasn't opened this year yet but would open soon, anyone know what the problem was?
  2. Yeah last time I went was June 3rd, a monday, and it was still super busy.. so that's why I wasn't sure if some other time of the year might be quieter
  3. Thanks, and what does quiet mean at CP, how long of a wait for SV or MF? Assuming it's not some weird fluke of a day
  4. Hey everyone, so are there days at Cedar Point where it's legitimately dead? Last time I went was June 3rd, 2019 (Monday), I got FP+ for myself, kids were too little for all but the smallest coasters.. but even with FP+ I still had 45 minute waits on SV. Maybe it was because SV was still really new? Or a shitty merge point, I can't remember. It was also the day after bike week ended, I don't know if that affects crowds. But LOTS of people had FP+ Barring forecast for rain/storms that doesn't come true and keeps everyone away, is CP ever quiet where if you don't have FL+ you can have 30 minute NON-FP+ waits for SV and MF? Or is it just packed every day? I read about how Hersheypark is always packed, and I went last weekend.. and it was packed on the Saturday, 1-2hrs waits on any of the big coasters.. we didn't even bother with any of them and figured it would be better Sunday. And what a difference, Sunday we road the 5 big coasters 3-4 times each with barely any waits. Our goal was to just get on each one once, so it was a real pleasant surprise. Just wondering if days like that ever happen at CP, so I can try to aim for them Now that all my kids are 54"+, I can't afford to be forking out for 5 FP+ for the whole family, so I need to try and find the quietest possible time to visit
  5. Is skyrush back up and running normally this season? Just checked the app and skyrush, stormrunner and farenheit are all "closed" at the same time at 1:30pm on a saturday.. has there been a lot of downtime on these rides so far this season?
  6. Hey I'm actually in Canada now So back to easter, which is april 17 this year.. if it's the only weekend that works for us, what's the park like in mid april? are they short staffed? are all the big rides open? i know skyrush shut down last year for a bit, is it back to normal?
  7. Hey everyone, so who's been to HP a lot? It's an 8 hour drive for us so I want to go when it's not going to be nuts because who knows when I'll be able to go back. How is easter weekend? Is it pretty crazy Fri/Sat and then quiet Sunday morning, but then crazy in the afternoon? What about Labor Day weekend, is the weekend super jammed, but monday pretty quiet? Or what about other weekends in September? Can't go on weekdays, and summer seems like it's packed all the time, don't care about waterpark..
  8. Odd that they would continue to offer such a big perk when all US parks have gotten rid of it. Part of me wonders if it's a mistake on the website and it won't be honoured. Btw if you want laronde in english this is the link: https://www.sixflags.com/larondeen
  9. There's one exception that I know of, Laronde still states that 2022 season's passes are valid at all six flags locations, though it seems they removed the free parking.
  10. Lol that was so unnecessarily hostile.. my point was just making sure I'm not crazy, and observing that apparently not all six flags parks are doing this "home park only" thing
  11. Right IF you have your seasons pass, if your park isn't open yet, you don't have your passes. So if you want to go to another park that opens earlier, you need to email to get the letter. Unless you're saying that no longer works?
  12. is this different from before? every year i was told i could only pick up my passes at my home park, and every year i would visit a different six flags park that opened a couple months before mine. i just emailed my home park, told them where i was going and what dates, and they would send me a letter that i just had to print and show at the other park to get a day ticket.
  13. On the laronde site, when you choose to buy 2022 season passes, this is what you see, clearly indicating access to all parks. when you go to purchase, it's written "valid at all six flags parks". As far as laronde is concerned the only difference seems to be parking is no longer included for free?
  14. What season pass change are you talking about? As far as I can tell a season's pass at any six flags park includes access to all six flags parks? Though it looks like they removed the free parking
  15. Thanks! Is there a set date for when the east side closes in November? And if Jersey is open for HITP, does that mean it stays open until then all through November? Anyone know what the deal is with El Toro, I read a few pages back in the thread but it's mostly about JD
  16. Hey everyone, what's the park like early december? I've only ever been in late april and early may where i've yet to experience any crowds at all. i know el toro is down for the season (is it getting a full retrack in the end?), but i love kingda ka and zumanjaro, and would love to ride jersey devil. will they be open even if it's a bit cold? how are weekend crowds typically?
  17. hey whats springtime in the park like? i hate crowds and i know this park is one of the most continually crowded parks so trying to find days for next year to visit where wait times will be low. i don't know if queue times website is accurate but it seems that sundays in may and june (other than memorial day weekend) are the best bet. but easter sunday looks pretty quiet too, we usually go to great adventure easter sunday and everythings open, and the place is -dead-, does hershey usually have everything up and running in april or is there a lot of rides closed?
  18. a new superman? what would be the point. put in maxx force 2, sfne needs a launch coaster.
  19. lol, i rode dragster and ka from the front row 5 times each in the same week.. the difference in experience is so negligible to me. the theming, viewing area, and location in the park are considerably better on dragster. but as far as the actual ride experience? the launch, etc..? the launch on kk was better, there's no difference in "roughness" from the front row.. however the further you go back on kk the difference becomes very noticeable.. but you shouldn't be riding either from anywhere other than first row. and the infamous restraints... maybe if you're a really big person it could make a difference, but the OTSRs on KK don't ever touch my body and i'm 6' tall. so there was no difference there for me, i did not feel more restricted whatsoever. the differences between these rides has been severely exaggerated, and i'd say claiming TTD is 30x better than KK is the most hyperbolic exaggeration i've yet to come across.
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