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  1. Jeebus H. Christ... Last time I went to Magic Kingdom was back in 2003, when I was FOURTEEN F***iNG YEARS OLD! I had fun, along with the others in my trip (who were in the 14-18 range). Teens like MK alot, the Mountain's there are thrilling, the teacups and Buzz Lightyears were fun, Haunted Mansion and PotC also made us smile. A ride you would expect at Cedar Point DOES NOT fit in at Magic Kingdom and deliver the same amount of fun as they would. But I never said anything to the contrary -- I merely stated the the Magic Kingdom is a lackluster and outdated offering as compared to say Islands of Adventures. But for those of us who have been attending the Magic Kingdom since before you were born.... can probably see its decline in stature. I've been attending the Magic Kingdom since 1979 and I am saddened by Disney's lack of effort to keep the park relavent. They haven't added/changed anything to keep pace with the superior parks that now exist in Central Florida.
  2. Sorry, but you are wrong here. The extensive coverage in the Sentinel was mostly about Walt Disney World (local photos, many of which leaked by WDW staffers) -- and constantly talked about the failure of the 34 year old buildings and support structures. While the articles did make comparisons to California's DisneyLand -- the bulk of the continuing stories were about the Orlando attraction. Regardless of the Sentinel being biased or not -- Walt Disney World has a proven track record of removing sophisicated attractions that would appeal to adults like Carosel of Progress, Mission to Mars, Alien Encounter, Magic Journeys, etc. etc. and replacing them with strictly kiddie fare. As a member of Gen X, I can clearly say that there is nothing that interests me at the Magic Kingdom any more -- this is sad really, as Alien Encounter was probably my all time favorite theme park attraction. ....and no I don't agree with your assessment of the current condition of the park. I think the Magic Kingdom looked downright ghetto when I visited earlier this year. With burned out bulbs flickering, dirty bathrooms, broken animatronics, peeling paint on buildings, overflowing garbage cans etc. etc. The park is a former shell of its former glory. All because of the penny pinching.
  3. Don't take my word for it.... Go to the library and look up the Orlando Sentinel (lexus-nexus) articles about the topic (from late last year). They did a full week of stories on the Deterioration of Magic Kingdom. They took pictures of buildings on Main Street that were closed "for renovation" -- when they were actually suffering structural failures from neglect. They even tied several recent accidents to poor maintenance. The last time I went, several of the attractions had broken animatronics and dirty bathrooms. This never would have happened in the '80s, but Eisner's last 5 years of cost cutting has taken its toll.
  4. That is probably true -- but its based on the overpriced nature of Disney. Universal Studios destroys the tiny MGM studios. Islands of Adventures trashes the outdated Tragic Kingdom. .....and considering Disney costs about twice the price for annual passes for an inferior product..... You are paying for the Disney logo and not much else. Those are the facts as I see them and I'm sticking to them....
  5. Seriously, Disney isn't what it used to be. Recent visits to the Tragic Kingdom have revealed similar deterioration problems as noted in the above photo tour. Not only has the cost-cutting killed the original disney park but its attractions keep getting "dumbed down" for young children. It used to offer sophisticated attractions like the Carosel of Progress and Alien Encounter for adults. Now, the whole park is a snorefest for anyone over the age of 13. ...and the above comparison is unfair as I would also guess that 9 out of 10 kids have never heard of Cypress Gardens. I'm just telling you what my kids like. My kids think Disney sucks and I agree. Our family favorites (Top 5) are #1 Islands of Adventures, #2 Universal Studios, #3 Sea World, #4 Cypress Gardens, #5 Animal Kingdom (since Everest opened). I personally love Epcot, but my kids just aren't into it. If we are fanboys of anything -- it is of Universal Orlando.
  6. Seriously, B&B had two coasters -- not one. The Python and Boardwalk's Zoomerang were both lame barely 45 second duration coasters. I don't include lift hills with actual ride time. But seriously, the short 1800 foot Scorpion was dwarfed by the Hurricane (which was nearly twice its size). Most people will probably agree that the Hurricane was the best coaster in Florida until its removal in 1990 (only the Starliner gave it a run). ....and Boardwalk and Baseball's theming, wooden boardwalks and lush landscape destroyed Busch's Asphalt Heaven.
  7. B&B died because of politics not due to location. It was horribly mismanaged by HBJ and poorly promoted. Busch bought it to simply eliminate the competition -- at the time, B&B's wooden "Hurricane" coaster blew away any of the coaster offerings at Busch Gardens Tampa. Not to mention the fact that B&B offered a much nicer presentation (landscape, boadwalk, etc) than the so-so theming of BG Tampa. ...and I think I'm being horribly misquoted from previous posts about CG. I am not a CG fan boy. I merely said to cut it slack considering their annual pass to Wild Adventures/Cypress Gardens is about the same cost of a single day to Disney/Universal/Sea World. ....and for Senior Citizens, there are way more activities that would appeal to the older set at Cypress Gardens than Kiddie (Magic) Kingdom. It is sad to see them Cost Cutting the Gardens so bad, though.... and the Kids still prefer Cypress Gardens to Disney -- They hate waiting in line for 90 minutes for each ride at the Mouse House.... These lame reviews on this forum aren't going to change anything. CG is still set to match its record attendance last year. Wild Adventures is just as empty as Cypress Gardens on Weekdays. But both parks are packed on the weekends especially on concert days. I'll never understand the hating on CG -- it was never designed to compete with Disney.... Heck, it was around 40 years before the Mouse came to Florida.
  8. Honestly, DisneyQuest was overpriced crap. If the admission price was 10 to 15 bucks or so a day -- it would be worth it. But $35 dollars a day? Give me a break.... it was a terrible attraction. Only the Buzz Lightyear bumper cars and Virtual Coaster attractions were worth it. Pirates was dumb -- the "boat rowing" attraction was even more dumb. I'm a Gen-X guy, so it should have appealled to me. I love arcades -- but the defunct Sega Parks were way better. Let it DisneyQuest die. Just another lame Disney effort.
  9. Well, Cypress Gardens will get its second major coaster (after Starliner opens) -- a big steel Vekoma for 2007 (most likely)
  10. Well, if you are just going for ride credits -- you could probably do the park in about 2 hours... If you want to actually see anything -- the rides, exhibits, shows, etc... It will probably take the whole day. Definitely check out the animal show, ski show and skating show. The pirate show and barnyard show are kinda lame.
  11. Yeah, Phobia sounds good to me -- where and when would you all meet on 10/22?
  12. Well, According to the rumor mill -- the Tonga Tubes slide tower has been approved by the safety inspectors and will open for this weekend! Just wanted to pass it along -- so now Splash Island has some real slides open at Cypress Gardens.
  13. You're web site has been having problems... Perhaps too much traffic? I can't wait to see Splash Island in person.....
  14. Any coaster that wasn't built by Vekoma would rock! They need to get some more variety. To mimic Wild Adventures ride roster would defeat the purpose of going to both parks -- which is something they are now advertising hard now (with the Summer Pass/Annual Pass). I would love an old steel Wild Cat coaster -- they are also small and have lots of thrills.
  15. Yeah, quite a bit of the park is corny. The Farmyard Frolics and new Pirate show are pretty dumb. The Swamp Creatures show was a nice addition, though. The animal section is really nice and its not quite finished yet. I can't wait until the Starliner re-opens -- its been far too long since I rode that legend. I can't wait to see the other new rides -- and I too hope he adds a real log flume. I don't know if they can fit it: but it would be cool if the train ride stopped in all 3 ride areas. I guess we'll see next year.
  16. That's going to be very tough. Wild Adventures has nearly unlimited space whereas CG has very little land left to work with. Some "adult" rides might be cool, although I'm not the biggest fan of the brain-crushing monster rides. 3 or 4 giant rides in that little area might be asking a bit much... It'll be interesting to see where this goes in the future. I'd hope they leave the original parts of the park alone or they'll be risking the wrath of the geriatrics! Well, all the info I have passed along were rumors. They really don't tell the employees all that much. But Kent has made it very clear that he wants CG to have 9 coasters. They already have 6. The Starliner is only the first large coaster -- the existing CG coasters are junior offerings. I suspected a Boomerang because they offer a lot of loops/thrills and don't take up a lot of real estate (and he loves Vekoma!). I'd imagine any compact coasters are high on his wish list -- but its all speculation on my part. I wish he'd add a Schwarzkopf coaster -- they don't take up too much space and I love them. As for the 55 rides -- CG already has roughly 45 with Splash Island -- so, it wouldn't take much more to match it..... Check out this article: http://www.tpl.org/tier3_cd.cfm?content_item_id=12644&folder_id=250 He can't touch the 30 acres of the original gardens -- but he's got 142 acres of park to work with -- so anything outside the original gardens is fair game. Plus he has the option to buy an additional 7 acre tract -- I'm guessing that 7 acre tract is where the Starliner and new rides are planned. In total, CG would be about 149 acres if they purchased that 7 acre tract at Swann Pointe -- which is roughly the same size as Wild Adventures.
  17. Well, From what I've been told by the CG employees... An additional ride area is being built (not in Adventure Grove or Paradise Pier) for the Starliner since the coaster can't fit in the existing ride sections. A new ride area will be built next to the main parking lot (south of Nature's Way). The Starliner, a large looping steel coaster and about 8 other carnival rides will be added in this brand new area for 2006. It is the goal of Cypress Gardens to match Wild Adventures # of rides and coasters... So expect about 50-55 rides and 9 coasters total. Apparently, no more junior coasters either -- the new area will have 3 or 4 adult-sized coasters including the Starliner and probably another Vekoma Boomerang.
  18. Yeah, and six coasters by next year -- that would make about 45 total rides (including the splash island flumes).... Not bad since they had nothing in 2003. I personally wise they would add a log flume.... the spinning rapid rides aren't my cup of tea. Awesome news about the Galaxy Spin... I've never been on a spinning wild mouse.... As for the Vekoma SLC -- the Swamp Thing rolls far smoother at Wild Adventures than the one they have at Cypress Gardens.... very odd, since they appear to be identical rides. I love Vekoma roller skaters like the Okeechobee Rampage. You know with Triple Hurricane and Starliner -- Cypress Gardens probably has the best wooden roller coaster roster in the entire Southeast. Boomer's wooden coaster in Dania, Florida is solid -- but it pales next to the Starliner. Gwazi is big, but not much fun. Cheetah at Wild Adventures is a blast, though. I'm also heavily biased toward the Arkansas Twister at Wild Springs (after all -- look at my signature -- its my favorite wooden roller coaster from my youth: the coaster formerly known as Boardwalk and Baseball's Hurricane).
  19. I really wish you'd stop the CG hating -- or I'll start up my Disney hating again.... Here it goes: DISNEY SUCKS! In all seriousness, Cypress Gardens offers a little bit for everyone... instead of a whole lot of junk to just ONE DEMOGRAPHIC. Face it, Disney Parks are all for Kiddies -- they've haven't got squat for anyone above the age of 12. I groan everytime the kids try to drag me to a Disney park. At least Universal/Islands/Cypress Gardens/Sea World have attractions for all ages. ...and there are more to theme parks than VOMIT INDUCING THRILL RIDES.... and C.G. understands that..... you don't seem to.... I'm old school -- and I'll take a conventional style amusement park over fake rocks/lame themed music/and dancing bunnies & mice any day. Cypress Gardens may be a small park with limited offerings -- but its got a bit of everything. Its got shows, gardens, crafts and static displays/model railroads for the seniors. Its got concerts and thrill rides for adults. Its got a water park, 25 kiddie rides and 5 kid friendly roller coasters for the little ones..... So, enough with the CG haters -- because there are many fans who are proving your views wrong with their wallets.
  20. Cypress Gardens Update: A couple of employees from Cypress Gardens dropped me a line.... The trucks full of Starliner track have begun arriving at Cypress Gardens. Nobody seems to know where the classic wooden roller coaster will be erected -- but it is supposed to open Spring 2006. The Galaxy Spin steel roller coaster track has been assembled and is now being erected in Adventure Grove. Splash Island is really taking shape quickly -- it looks like it will be finished in time for its July grand opening. Here's a new article, too: http://www.sptimes.com/2005/06/13/Business/Cypress_Gardens_excee.shtml That's all for now!
  21. Love wood coaster.... The classics never die -- and they have more character.
  22. Another news story on CG! http://msnbc.msn.com/id/8034280/ Splash Island is slated to have its grand opening on July 4th! Only 35 days from now! Here's another interesting blurb on Cypress Gardens: "Insiders say the next big addition will be the Starliner roller coaster. A decision has yet to be announced on whether the famous Miracle Strip park wooden roller coaster can be shoehorned into the Winter Haven park. A park spokeswoman says she's "99.9 percent certain" the coaster is Central Florida bound. "
  23. You know its actually kind of funny. My family has gone to all of the parks in Florida (Disney's 4 parks, Universal, IOA, Busch, Sea World, etc)... Yet, we keep going back to Cypress Gardens and IOA.... The others just don't seem to hold our attention. The kids love animals -- but hate Animal Kingdom: Go Figure. They like Sea World, but not enough rides for them.... and the rides that Sea World does have are a bit too scary for the young ones. We haven't been to Cypress Gardens since the animal pavilion opened, but I'm sure they'll love it. Personally, I love the concerts at CG. The rides are great, too. I'm very nostalgic for the 1980s.... and with Styx, Huey Lewis and Foreigner appearing recently at the 2 parks -- I'm totally satisfied.... I know I'm getting another annual pass next year.
  24. Another newspaper article on Cypress Gardens.... The new Nature's Way attraction is way larger than I anticipated.... Its got two shows (The Pirate Show and a Reptile Show), new Ferry Boat ride, Bird Aviary, Petting Zoo.... Lots of animal attractions... http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/custom/tourism/orl-bizcypress26052605may26,0,1108616.story?coll=orl-home-headlines "Even after Splash Island is completed, Buescher will make more additions to his park. The Starliner, a 42-year-old wooden roller coaster that has been a Panama City Beach landmark, will be moved to Cypress Gardens. It's too early to tell when the coaster will open at Cypress Gardens -- officials aren't even sure where it's going to fit yet." The Galaxy Spin coaster opens in June.... Splash Island in July.... Night Magic in August.... They are just pumping out the attractions right now....
  25. I have no doubts they can keep it up. Kent really knows how to market (he used to work at a print shop). By constantly adding new attractions and changing things quickly -- it keeps the parks interesting. Even though Cypress Gardens has taken most of his energy over the past year -- he still has been adding new attractions like the Gauntlet ride and other shows at Wild Adventures. Both parks seem to be some of the best run privately owned parks. The concerts are a huge draw to -- and a great idea. I would have bought my annual pass just to see all those '80s bands (for nostalgia)! The great "old-school" rides help, too.
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