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  1. Did you ride Mako in the back? Its definitely a back of the seat coaster. And I've been out of the game for several years, so I haven't ridden the new wave of B&M coasters. Maybe if you've ridden a bunch of them, its pretty ordinary for you now. And for Kraken, maybe I just have a lower threshold for my tolerance for roughness. And I thought Manta was great. I respected the ride for sure. But for some reason, I didn't really want to spam re-rides on it with no lines like I did for Mako. I think I just really didn't like when you dangle on the last block on your chest before they
  2. I think that Kraken was pretty rough though. It'll be interesting to see what you think as you rode it back when it was new. I heard it was great years ago.
  3. Six Flags has already shown they are willing to invest in dark rides with the Justice League attractions they built. As such, they must feel that such attractions are a worthy enough investment, even at a park where the cost of a season pass can be <$100 per year. Further, similar to roller coasters, dark rides can be cloned and designed to fit in a minimal footprint accessible to multiple parks allowing the design costs and production costs to be spread over multiple parks/installations. I'm not expecting/asking for a completely original attraction with a crazy queue to rival Disney/Univer
  4. I'd love to see it replaced by SOME sort of dark ride. A Justice League clone would be welcome, but it seems like they are done with those. I'd love to see Six Flags build a flying theater style attraction (same style of attraction as Soarin' at Disney). There are LOTS of manufacturers now that have developed lots of different types of hardware to provide that sort of experience and I really think it would go over well at Six Flags. Nonetheless, I'm not holding my breath for a new dark ride at SAF anytime soon (though it would be nice if they proved me wrong!) Keep some things in mind:
  5. I should have said it as I would have no problem with the statement. I find myself asking the same questions often. Although I do feel confidently that Mako is the best "traditional" coaster in at least Florida. Several other themed coasters at Disney and Universal are BETTER rides I think but they are a completely different ride experience so I tend to exclude them. I feel like Disney and Universal are both very fun start to stop experiences throughout the whole day, but they don't exactly have coasters I can point to and say "these are world class great coasters." Disney has a lot of in
  6. Mako, yesterday. I had walked over to Antarctica area, and was going to ride Mako again, but then it starting pouring and I decided to head out.
  7. I think that it might depend on where you're going on Monday. Are you flying out for this trip? Are you going home Monday? If so, where do you live? KD, HP, and SFGadv are all great parks, so you won't be too disappointed with any of those choices. A key factor should be geographic convenience. Clearly, if you need to be heading down south anyway, going to KD. If you need to venture up north, SFGadv is the obvious choice. If you're flying out of DC, maybe stay local with HP. SFGadv is a huge park with a lot of marquee attractions, but not much has been added. Maybe a good approach would be to
  8. No no no. Not my favorite coaster, probably not top five. Just in Florida. Like you, its very tough to rank coasters. I prefer to rank parks if anything, but even that's tough. It was SROS@SFNE at one point in time, but it hasn't really aged great and the new restraints don't help. Last time I rode it was when it was Bizarro, and hated the VR. Ironically, it may just be Wicked Cyclone now (as they're both in the same, run of the mill park, when I've actually been to tons of parks), as its the only RMC I've been on. I guess until I knock out by big rust belt/Canada trip it stands at MF or WC.
  9. Admittedly I love Mako to death but you better watch your mouth around here with statements like that. You know, if they had left the trims off the return camelback, I don’t think that would be such a bold statement ... I already love that coaster to death too. The only benefit to that trim brake, is that B&M assumed that it was safe to have a sharp drop after it. So in the back, you get the best airtime of the ride on it, as you're going through the steep drop so fast. But anyways, its bizarre to have it on a two train coaster. Completely unneeded.
  10. Well, I've been out of the game for several years. I was a big enthusiast in my teen years, off and on for about 10 years, and have been getting more recently into it. My coaster is 233, but many of them I haven't ridden in a while. I've only ridden three B&M hypers, and I could see how if you've ridden a lot, you would be a bit de-sensitized by them. I thought that it was just OK as I rode it in the middle first, then the front -- I was getting a little skeptical by that point -- but then I rode it on the back. From that point on, I know every lap was going to have to be in the back. Its
  11. No offense, but that's not irony, that's just stupidity. I sound like a broken record by this point about this, but THIS is exactly why you don't buy skip-the-lines in advance. What makes it worse is if you just poked around a bit on this thread most people would have told you that you wouldn't need it @ Seaworld. Admittedly I love Mako to death but you better watch your mouth around here with statements like that. Well, I hurt my knee the other day, and wanted to whatever I could to minimize standing around. This was an extreme case where there NO lines, but usually on dead days
  12. I visited this park yesterday and everything was an absolute walk on. Ironically I brought the quick queue, and it was so worthless that the line attendants stopped even checking. I pretty much only used it so that I walk in through the shorter queue and not walk by unused queue lines. What do you guys think that this mostly attributable to? 1. The fact that it is a Monday (but 71.4% of all days of the week are not on the weekend, so I'm not sure how much weight this holds). 2. The fact that its an inconvenient time of the year for most families... kids are still in school, and finals
  13. To enthusiasts, maybe. For parks, they're a bargain. Cloning a ride is cheaper and faster, also the GP will most likely adore it, and won't even be aware of the clones. And those who do find out about said clones, mainly through YouTube videos ( ), will then proceed to spam comments like "dIs RiDe Is A cOpY oF *insert SLC here* aT *insert park here* *insert a trillion emojis here*". But the idea is that if we're going to take the time to talk on a message board about coasters, than you're probably an enthusiast. So why should anybody on here be supportive of traveling halfway across the
  14. They're just a waste of space. You ride one, you ride them all. Why am I going to get excited about riding a coaster that's at 40 other parks other than to pad the count? Its basically like riding a scrambler or a swinging ship.
  15. I think that if you're going to be at the park for three days, the Front of the Line Pass isn't going to be necessary. 36 hours at the park is plenty of time to ride everything and have re-rides. I'd only recommend the line-cutting add-ons if you have a limited amount of time at the park. And in regards to the atmosphere, I think that you'll be very satisfied. Its a rare park that has big national chain level thrill rides with a small mom and pop style charm and friendliness. You should also stop over to King's Island if you have a chance too. Also, checking out Six Flags Ohio's ruins can be a
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