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  1. I really hope it's not fake trees to be fair, but if anywhere could pull it off it's Dollywood.
  2. That would likely require a lot of re-engineering, it’d probably be more costly than new LSMs. There’s also no indicator this has anything to do with the launch.
  3. Can confirm that the pothole was hell this year. I went to DW for the first time this year last month and it was super aggressive, even in the front row. I'd assume that's one of the things being repaired now. As for Velocity, I noticed that RMC isn't using their brakes on the new Cedair Fair coasters for this year, all of the prior RMC coasters tend to use them. I don't really think they will replace the launch honestly, it's a bit late for that in my opinion... unless they actually are out of business. Their site is still up.
  4. I always ride with my glasses, they used to be much looser and I never had a problem. I've since had them adjusted and now they are a perfect fit, they don't move at all on any coasters thus far. I'd be pretty disgruntled if they started making people take off their glasses, It would kill the experience on rides like Lightning Rod for me if I wasn't able to see.
  5. Not sure if they are still there, but they were against the very back of the building under the transfer track leaning on the wall. You can only see them from the initial break run.
  6. The hoods are nowhere to be seen, but the trunks are under the transfer track still. They look like atrocious flat plastic humps with painted on tires. They should stay off, I would be completely fine if they just did something similar to what Outlaw Run has at this point.
  7. It was running two trains yesterday, at around 6PM they took it down to one... likely because the crowds dropped pretty rapidly.
  8. The lubrication system was moved to the back of the train near the end of summer last year, it's the cylindrical contraption on the back of each train. The trains look really ghetto without all of the themed decorations, it was already bad enough the trunks were gone. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they got all new trains based on the new RMC design as they honestly seem more fit for launching and high speeds, etc. It's possible they are changing them to reduce weight of the train or something.
  9. It’s the first day... give it a break. Haven’t we hated on it enough lol.
  10. If they bring back more old school Arrow stuff, I think we'd all love to see a Tennessee Tornado successor.
  11. Can confirm that from here until around the second week of November DW will be pretty low in terms of attendance.
  12. Fixed That For You. Honestly, LR is amazing. . . But ride it as soon as you see it up and running. No need to save it for last. It's been fairly consistent for the past month, so I think it's a fair bet to save it for last.
  13. Not sure on the topic exactly, but I think you should get on Tennessee Tornado regardless!
  14. Let's just hope they don't install metal detectors and require mandatory pat downs! As if LR didn't have bad enough dispatches... just imagine that!
  15. This. When I rode it 10+ times last September I remember the airtime on the first hump and drop to be underwhelming compared to El Toro, even in the back seat. That being said, the airtime only gets stronger on the ride with each consecutive hill. I remember strong floater on the drop. Cool strong sideways airtime on the next two elements, and then beautiful ejector on the twist and shout. From that point on is an insane onslaught of ejector. Exactly, I honestly think the rumor just made people notice something that was never there in the first place. The launch in general is just a huge burst of speed, and it's really difficult to comprehend unless you go overthinking every moment of it. I love the crest of the actual drop, but I never remember anything wowing about the first crest into the false drop.
  16. To be perfectly honest, I never recall the airtime over the first hump to be that strong in the first place.
  17. Amen. Confirmation Bias at its finest. I rode it a lot last year, early this year, and a few days after it came back up from the month of downtime that caused all of these rumors. The launch feels exactly the same. FWIW, there are so many more intense elements on this coaster AFTER the crest that provide the REAL airtime... people need to get over all of this nonsensical drama about this coaster. Yeah, I'm always looking to get new information about it because I honestly find these things interesting, but I'm not interested in resurrecting a rumor that was CONFIRMED false by the park itself. I have yet to hear from one person who rode it BOTH last year and this year AFTER the rumors started confirm there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in speed. In any case it doesn't matter, slower launch or not, it's still balls to the walls insane. I'm still shocked this rumor has people going in with low expectations. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as dramatic and maybe defensive, I'm not trying to put any single person down, I'm just saying we need to get over it.
  18. I would also second the notion to get more info on LR, if they're willing to speak about that. Talk around LR has pretty much died down, I haven't been to the park much over the summer so I'm not really sure what the current operational status is.
  19. To be honest, I'd be totally okay if they skipped a year and just made sure LR was running at peak capacity
  20. IMHO, it makes sense from a liability perspective. I'm sure the park would rather deal with disgruntled guests than a lawsuit against a lapbar being pushed on too forcefully.
  21. Love mystery mine in the back row. My neck definitely thinks the front row is extremely jerky, however.
  22. ....running with one train is not what I consider consistent or reliable.....I hope they will work out all the kinks soon...... Running one train clearly improves reliability right now. Running two trains at this point would most likely cut the reliability in half, negating the benefits of speedier waits. I'm sure they'll get it there eventually, but at least people actually have somewhat of a chance. It's only been closed for 25 minutes out of the entire day... that's a LOT more than can be said when they were consistently running two trains....
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