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  1. While you are at it on how not to wear a mask: Don't put it just over your mouth so it is easier to breathe out your nose. I see so many doing this, you might as well skip the thing. You aren't helping others or yourself wearing it that way.
  2. There are some really nice specks on that thing. 48" rider height is wonderful, I wish more coasters would try to keep the min height down. 720pph isn't great but then again not as bad as a lot of the newer ride systems. The footprint should make it a no brainier for smaller parks as long as the maintenance is not horrendous. Plus, I bet your video will get that into a few parks.... you should get a commission.
  3. OK... were those restraints wrapped in Duct Tape? Because if they are the coolness factor of that prototype just went up by a factor of 10!
  4. Ok... tried looking it up couldn't find out what mechanism does that lift hill (loop) use? It looked like the cars actually have an electric motor in them. Fun looking coaster though. Looks like that Mexico trip filled in all the rest of the rides from that I've never seen before from Rollercoaster Tycoon.
  5. Very nice, a whole trip distilled down to 6 second video bites, how 21st century But that clip with the Clowns... once you watch it you can't un-watch it.
  6. Yea, can't seem to argue with that ordering, especially with the new theming... Tron, how can go wrong! My youngest daughter wants me to book a trip today (Disney converted her with Electronica) I wish with Racers you got more of a race feel from it, like one car moving out in front where you can see it then being able to catch up. I can't see defending anything over anything else just due to location. I want all things to get the best of everything. Some will be better some will be worse. I really just want them to be different. If I travel 1000+ miles to see something I don't want to see the exact same thing that I can drive 30 minutes to see.
  7. It's been a while since I've rode test track so I did have to think hard about the outside portion comparison with Radiator Springs Racers. I was never a fan of the "industrial" theming of the outside (and inside for that matter). But the speed vs the slower bunny hills. Yea, the speed is amazing on Test Track! Against the old Test Track I would give the Racers the advantage, but looking at the new interior, wow, might be a draw, tricky Makes me need to get over to there again! Thanks for the pictures.
  8. That "Animation dinner" looks fantastic. I'm amazed at all the thought that went into it. With 3 dinning rooms and 7 nights make for a 2,2,3 rotation, did some get to go to the the Animator's pallet for a 3rd night?
  9. OK. Those shots are amazing! I don't you could find something that tops that anywhere! Too bad Magic Mountain didn't do more to landscape some of there coasters.
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