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  1. During our 2016 CP and KI trip... We were able to ride every coaster at Cedar Point without fast lane (ditto the year before). After being used to the operations of Six Flags Great America, the waits seemed fairly minimal. The year before, I remember Maverick having a 1-hour wait, which was double any other wait. Although we went to King's Island on a day when they closed at 5PM (private rental?), we rode every roller coaster, many twice, and 3 rides on the Beast, and 9 times on the Flight of Fear. A storm had blown in around 4pm and were among the last people left in the park, hence the Flight of Fear marathon. Our 2015 CP trip and our 2016 CI/KI combo trip were both late August, just after schools were resuming. Many coasters were practically walk-on and coasters were all we did. However, our 2017 CP/KI combo trip was during Labor Day weekend. Fast Lane would have been nice at both parks. Again, all we did was the coasters, but we didn't get a chance to cover all of them. The remnants of hurricane Harvey also led to Cedar Point's rides being grounded for some time, and we got soaked as well! I was so disappointed that we didn't get to ride Maverick. Despite the chilly, rainy day, CP was a packed in comparison to our first 2 trips. We hit KI the next day. The hurricane remnants had long passed Cincinnati and the weather was beautiful and sunny. The park became packed! We ended up skipping both of their Vekomas as well as anything smaller. We ended with a night ride Mystic Timbers, which was an awesome ride. I knew it would be as I am familiar with SFSTL's CCI, American Thunder. This year may be the odd year out. My group has sort of disbanded, at least temporarily. People have moved on and are busy with their own lives. There is talk that we may still do a CP/KI trip later in the fall, but I know things don't always work out. If we don't get to go this year, and who knows about next year, it will be a real let-down for me. Especially since I have been stoked over Steel Vengeance for over a year now. And I have also been able to hit at least one of my local Six Flags parks each year since 2013. It appears that string will end this year as well. But this year won't be a total let-down. Back in June, I went on a trip around Lake Michigan with my other group. We climbed lighthouses and sand dunes, went on a catamaran cruise, hiked to waterfalls, etc. Toward the end of the 6-day blast of adventure, I added Michigan's adventure to my amusement park dossier, which becomes the third Cedar Fair park I have visited. Of the 3 of us, we each had a different favorite coaster. Mine was Shivering Timbers. My one friend, the youngest, preferred Thunderhawk, while my other friend, the oldest, preferred Corkscrew.
  2. Though streaming media that is stored online is convenient, I find it a travesty that physical media is dying like it is. The internet is hurting everything, including bowling and billiards. But that is a different story. I will always support physical media. I own over 1,200 CDs as well as hundreds of DVDs and Blu-Rays. People think I'm crazy to spend that money when I can get the stuff online for free. But there are several reasons why. It is a good feeling to know that physical media is mine with a one-time purchase. And said media that is in digital disc form, be it CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc, will likely last me the rest of my life. Almost all playback devices are still backward compatible, so I don't see myself ever being stuck without a device to play any of these, especially compact discs. I'm glad to know I will still be able to listen to my music or watch my videos if circumstances arise where I won't have access to the internet. i.e. I may have financial struggles that may cause me to discontinue internet and/or cell phone subscriptions. Or I msy eventually move to a desolate region where internet and wireless signals aren't readily available. Cell phones don't work in portions of the Rocky Mountains for instance. And given the instability in the world right now, I would not want to become completely reliant on "the cloud" that could be vulnerable to possibly wiped out (partially or completely, though unlikely) by cyber attacks. I like being able to hold the physical media and artwork in my hand. But there's nothing to show for online streaming. And it is nice to have a physical library. I love technology and how it makes our lives easier, but at the same time, I still miss when things were simpler. Just last night, I was watching old promos for VHS and BETA and feeling melancholy. Stuff was built so much better in those days. I have left analogue tape behind, but I'm going to hold onto various digital disc formats as long as possible. I know this is a lot of dribble, but perhaps it will cause a few people to change their minds.
  3. Haha the crotch thing happened to one of my friends on Goliath last year. He liked the ride, but he suffered enough in that short ride that he was glad it wasn't any longer. I didn't believe him at first because the seats fit my 6', 155 lb frame perfectly. They're a little tight around my legs & ankles, but still comfortable to me.
  4. I rode Giant drop for the first time during my first visit there in 1998. The line was 2 & 1/2 hours long. I liked the ride, but it is was over way too fast. We spent the rest of the visit pondering if such a short ride was worth such a long wait. I usually skip it, riding it only 3 subsequent times. Waits have not been near as long as they were the first time, but there's still a cue. It's never a "walk-on" during any of the times I've rode it, even last in 2015. As for as Demon's popularity, I've been able to walk on it before, and the wait time has averaged about 15-20 when I've been there. If course I'm usually there when the park isn't overly busy. Things were different when we were there for Frightfest 2014, when both Demon and Viper had a 90+ minute wait. Of course, almost no ride has a short line during Fright Fest.
  5. Congratulations! You are today's winner of the Alanis Morissette Not Actually Irony Award! LOL I had writers block when I was writing that. My mind went blank as I was searching for the perfect word. Time was lacking and my gut instinct was to use the word "funny". But I decided to try and find something different thus coming up with "ironic" at the last moment. Bad choice of words, my bad. I'm 40 years old and therefore resting up on the knowledge I once gained from the english classes I learned in school. Secondly, hearing all these Trump speeches doesn't help either.
  6. Given the compactness of this coaster, as well as the pre-manufactured steel pieces, I find it ironic that it is not expected to be open no earlier than Memorial Day weekend when King's Island's "Mystic Timbers", a much bigger coaster, actually began testing today and is expected to be open by mid-April. Both had track that was topped off around the same time, and both regions had a very mild winter with minimal delays due to weather. In fact, the winter was mild enough at both parks that they almost could have stayed open all winter long, though I certainly would not have suggested that gamble. LOL But it is strange that a compact steel coaster would open later than a long, wooden coaster where weather conditions have been equally nice. But at least they will both be opening this year. Can't say the same about Cedar Point's upgraded Mean Streak. The secrecy and lack of announcement from Cedar Point is driving various enthusiasts nuts. They're desperate to find a definitive opening date and I can't help but find the CP thread a little comical right now.
  7. I dug a little deeper into the wikipedia story links and got to an article with this quote from Kinzel himself: source: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2009/10/blast-from-past-magnum-xl200-at-cedar.html So I guess Tom Selleck really did have something to do with it. It still seems odd to me, but whatever. The name is great. The ride is great. Everything about Magnum XL-200 is just really, really great! There's a reason why it's my favorite roller coaster of all time. Yes being as Magnum P.I. ran from 1980 to 1988, actually ending a year before Magnum opened. And Magnum Force was from 1973, a full 16 years and 2 more Dirty Harry movies before Magnum opened. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was featured on "Sudden Impact", so it would have made perfect sense if they would have changed "Big Dipper" to "Magnum" something, though that didn't happen for obvious reasons. And they could also have changed the name "Big Dipper" to "Sudden Impact", but that would definitely not be a good name for any roller coaster. LOL As for Magnum XL-200, I love it. It's an amazing roller coaster and the name is unique.
  8. Oops, I meant to say the more north and WEST you go toward the Dakotas, the higher the extreme summer temperatures. I hate misspeaking.
  9. Fixed That's cool. I didn't realize you could change quotes like that. Haha! Oh yes I've had to do that a few times on here already. I was so rusted the first time that it took me several tries. I haven't played with codes since my MySpace days of yesteryear. Also, I was unknowingly clocking "submit" instead of preview, which resulted in several back-to-back posts that were nearly identical. I was actually too embarrassed of myself to apologize in that thread. On a separate note, we almost went to Michigan's adventure and King's Island in addition to our 2015 Cedar Point Trip, but last minute changes in work schedule caused us to pick just one park, and that was Cedar Point, though I'm not complaining! It was my first visit after 4 years of wanting to go and it exceeded my expectations! I visited King's Island first in 2011 and had a blast there as well. Yet to do Michigan's adventure though, and I know it is not on par with those parks, and it shouldn't be expected to be, but I was so looking forward to the trick track on Shivering Timbers as I had never experienced trick track before. And I'm bummed I didn't get over there in time, but from what people are saying, I guess the trick track element wasn't all that great. We did a Cedar Point/King's Island trip last August, marking my second time to both parks. And though we didn't plan to go to Michigan's Adventure, we inadvertently passed very close as the GPS took our driver up to route 94 from around Gary, Indiana. I was the only other one awake and I saw we were going through Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, but I didn't say anything. Nobody else, even driver, realized we were actually in Michigan until we got near Detroit! That would have been the perfect day to add another day to the trip and check out Michigan's Adventure. And if anybody wonders why we did King's Island first it is because they were only opened to the public for a few hours that Friday. If I remember right, they weren't opening to the public until 5PM (Private party?) so we reversed the trip at the last minute.
  10. Adventureland opens on Saturday, 29 April, which is less than 3 months away. I must make it there this year!
  11. Very well! And my apologizes. I'm tired of politics myself. I can't even look at my Facebook feed without seeing it.
  12. After reading through the last few pages, it seems that everybody has returned to the usual bashing of SFSTL after the month of rare praise for HIP, which I wished I would have been able to see in person. I know SFSTL has their shortcomings, but please be careful because people were banned the last time this happened. If my memory serves me right, Six Flags St. Louis still draws more people than Worlds of Fun, but they don't make any more money. Look at how cheap SFSTL season passes are. Also, WOF has potential for far more growth than SFSTL as they also cater to nearby Omaha and Lincoln. Both cities seem to be thriving pretty well and Omaha continues to grow rapidly with a metro approaching 1 million and that's excluding the Lincoln area, which the 2 cities combined are well over 1 million people, dwarfing Jefferson City/Columbia. Kansas city and it's metro also appear to be growing whereas the core city of St. Louis appears to keep on shrinking, with the suburbs growing just enough to offset. And the St. Louis area as a whole is not necessarily thriving at present. Silver Dollar City is a destination theme park as many have said, and that does make a difference. Holiday World is growing, but they are still tiny compared to SFSTL. SFSTL is burdened with more overhead coast just to manage what they have. They may eventually reach their growth limit, especially if they grow too fast. And if anybody is wondering why KI can do so good as Cincinnati could be compared to St. Louis, there are reasons. The core cities in both areas have shrunk and are shadows of their former selves, but they both have fairly large suburbs that seem to be growing or holding their own. Still, neither are economic powerhouses. But KI also compete for visitors from nearby Columbus, which is a rapidly growing area, both city and metro, and the population of the metro will soon surpass Cincinnati and Cleveland metro. I know a few people in Ohio who actually prefer King's Island to Cedar Point because it is a little cheaper and more well-rounded for their kids. SFSTL doesn't draw from any secondary huge metro like this. My assessments of these areas may not be 100% accurate, but I think I'm fairly close. Screamin' Eagle may no longer be the tallest and fastest, but it will always be the best works of PTC and the late great John C. Allen, and it still holds up and one of the top 20 woodies. A classic woodie will always be a classic woodie. The Lakeside Cyclone is nearly twice as old and is still a classic. Ninja may be a bit rough, and it may have lost it's luster, but I'd be sad to see it go because it was my very first roller coaster. I still remember being so scared and nervous as I was ascending the lift hill. Previously, I was determined NEVER to ride a roller coaster, and the only reason why I decided to ride it is because some old ladies (looked like they were in their 80's) had just rode before me (My thoughts were "If they could do it, than I can, I think"). We immediately rushed for Screamin' Eagle second and last the River King Mine Train. A coaster enthusiast was born that day. I love the Boss! Even though I've received a bruise or two, it suffices me just to know they are doing upkeep on it. There is only one Boss. I would love to see them get a "star" coaster, but other parks have gone a lot longer. Iowa's Adventureland went 23 years before getting "Monster" last year, and CP hasn't given Michigan's Adventure a new coaster in 9 years, which is another subject of controversy. But anyway, SFSTL coaster lineup is about as unique as a Six Flags park can get with Batman the Ride being the only MAJOR clone. Of course, there are 2 "Mr. Freeze" and others like "Pandemonium". Compare this to the days when SF owned Elitch Gardens and filled it with Vekoma Clones.
  13. Honestly, this is why Trump is our president because people are just this dumb now. This, right here, made my day! I've had my own fair share of dumb moments, but at least I didn't vote for Trump.I could go on an extended and well-written political tirade about all the reasons why Trump wasn't a viable choice, but I think many people will learn in time, and it will be a harder lesson for some than for others. And I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that the likely consequences from the impending governmental mismanagement don't trickle down to the amusement park industry. I like my roller coasters.
  14. I'm not a big fan of the winter either. I work and spend most of my spare time indoors sleeping. Last year, I tore up both knees while attempting to ski. I won't try it again. I come alive in the summer. I save up all winter long in order to go on summer road trips that include visiting Theme Parks. But as for Wisconsin being colder than Florida, it is ironic that in hot, dry summers, the northern climates can be hotter than the southern climates. 109 degrees is the hottest temperature recorded anywhere in Florida whereas temps once rose to 114 at the Wisconsin Dells. As a general rule of thumb, the further northward and eastward you go from Florida toward the Dakotas, the temperatures fluctuate more wildly. North Dakota once reported a temperature of 121 degrees. There are several factors involved. When I went to the Dells in September of 2015, it was a hot and sunny 92 degrees which was perfect for a water park. But yeah, I wouldn't have any interest in skiing there, but many people do. One of my roommates is a serious skier who loves skiing there.
  15. I believe you're mentioning "Raging Bull"? It is most certainly a longer drop. Back in 2002, when I rode it for the first time, I was, by far, the best drop of any coaster I had ridden at that point. And of course, the only coasters I had ridden were ones at SFGAM and SFSTL. I had yet to go to KI and CP. But ever since Goliath came along, it seems to steal some of the thunder from Raging Bull. I think Goliath's drop accelerates a little faster and the elements are a little tighter. But Raging Bull's total length is always an advantage it will have over Goliath. Factoring in the wait time for Goliath, we have also changed how we manage our wait time in the other coasters, and that includes not riding in the front or back row if the lines are too busy. It has been a long time since I rode Raging Bull in the front or back row. That may be a reason why the Ragin Bull drop hasn't seemed as intense to us as that of Goliath. Viper also few good drops for it's tiny stature. Some of my fellow riders have compared it to a slightly more aggressive form of CP's Blue Streak.
  16. I haven't tried El Toro yet, but it has long been on my list for when we finally hit the eastern parks.
  17. Goliath at Six Flags Great America, though being a very short ride, seems to have a fairly sustained ejector hill to me. It's first drop of 180' at 85 degrees is currently the longest and steepest drop drop of any wooden coaster and it seems to go on for a while. But majority of its subsequent ejector air-time hills are mainly pops. Another neat thing about it is the 2 zero-gravity stalls and a surprisingly steep lift hill. Though only a 45-degree angle, you feel like you're almost going straight up.
  18. Goliath at Six Flags Great America, though being a very short ride, seems to have a fairly sustained ejector hill to me. It's first drop of 180' at 85 degrees is currently the longest and steepest drop drop of any wooden coaster and it seems to go on for a while. But majority of its subsequent ejector air-time hills are mainly pops. Another neat thing about it is the 2 zero-gravity stalls and a surprisingly steep lift hill. Though only a 45-degree angle, you feel like you're almost going straight up.
  19. It does look and sound impressive. From what I've been reading here, theirs seems to be fairly expensive and rivals any other Six Flag park! I'm glad to see SFSTL return to having an edge in something. I want to get down there and see it myself. The only thing is it is hard to imagine going there without riding the Screamin' Eagle or the Boss, but I don't think they would run well in low temperatures anyway?
  20. I haven't been on in a while, but I began to read back 20 pages and I still see there's a 2007 vs 2008 debate. Maybe somebody has already mentioned this, but if so, than I've missed it thus far. Anyway, Dollywood originally wanted "Lightening Rod" to be open last spring. And although the structure was complete, it had kinks they had to work out. Their original goal for opening was missed by a long shot. Many were disappointed to find it not up and running after taking time off and making long trips there. It was frequently down all summer long, and I don't think it ever had anything more than a "soft opening" announcement. I'm pretty sure Cedar Point has taken note of the Lightening Rod/Dollywood horrors and are therefore airing on the side of caution, especially if they are wanting RMC to try things that have never been tried before. This all being said, I'm expecting no further announcement before a soft opening toward the summer of 2017. And only if the ride proves fairly reliable for a month will they schedule a media day next year, though if it gets to August, a media day event would probably be getting fairly late. This is all pure speculation on my part and i could be totally wrong on how things play out.
  21. As in the tree of the world? The thing that connects the 9 realms? Oh yes, very intimidating. Almost as intimidating as renaming Banshee Mantis. Going from Mean Streak to Yggdrasil feels like a step down. I like it, but only because this is the first time I've ever seen it used outside of the Strider manga, where it was translated as "Yugdesiral". The NES version of "Strider" is based on the manga. The Arcade and Sega Genesis versions were totally different. I know I'm a bit off topic, but this made me nostalgic. I got that game for my 14th birthday and still have it. I tried to look up the meaning several years back, but I couldn't find anything. Now, I was able to find it and read all about it. And in the game, it is referred to as "the main tree", now I finally know why. I'm probably about the last person who remembers Capcom's "Strider" franchise. Back on topic, I'll be following the RMC rework of Meanstreak all winter. It has me intrigued! I would love to see them at least break Goliath's record for 180' drop. I'd also love to see them rebuild the first drop to at least 200' to score their 6th hyper. I don't think any other park will be sporting 6 hypers any time soon.
  22. Wow! I would have to say you wrote the most critical X2 review I have ever seen! Though you're not alone as I've seen many others complain about it's roughness. And I've ridden enough Arrows that I'm certainly not surprised. I am a fan of Arrow coasters and my 40 y/o bones can usually ride them with minimal to no pain, so I may be okay. At least I hope. :LOL And I generally try to bypass a coaster if it I see "Zamperla" or "Pinfari. LOL
  23. Wow! I would have to say you wrote the most critical X2 review I have ever seen! Though you're not alone as I've seen many others complain about it's roughness. And I've ridden enough Arrows that I'm certainly not surprised. I am a fan of Arrow coasters and my 40 y/o bones can usually ride them with minimal to no pain, so I may be okay. At least I hope. :LOL And I generally try to bypass a coaster if it I see "Zamperla" or "Pinfari. LOL
  24. Wow! I would have to say you wrote the most critical X2 review I have ever seen! Though you're not alone as I've seen many others complain about it's roughness. And I've ridden enough Arrows that I'm certainly not surprised. I am a fan of Arrow coasters and my 40 y/o bones can usually ride them with minimal to no pain, so I may be okay. At least I hope. :LOL And I generally try to bypass a coaster if it I see "Zamperla" or "Pinfari. LOL
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